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It seems that this is a topic you are all interested in. Ok my lovelies, let me lead you down this path carefully. Trust me, I will not let you fall. The first thing you need to ask yourself is, what is it that I really want? Do you want a weekend spanking partner,  a serious D/s relationship, an age play relationship? Are you seeking real atonement for misbehaviors or just more role play?  Or perhaps your desires may even lean darker, maybe  bondage, or more of an S&M relationship or experience.

Ok, once you know what you want, you need to put out some feelers. As much as you would like it, the perfect Dom is not going to just knock on your door one day  and say “hi looking for me?”  You are going to have to find him, or at least put yourself out there so he can find you. So for the purposes of this post, lets say you want a D/s relationship, with spanking as the consequence for your misbehavior. There are some sites like Spank Seek  where you can make a profile and search for a Dom. Or  Shadowlane  and Nu West that have advertisements in their magazines. You want to stay away from sites like , which is more s&m, and anything that does not have spanking or D/s or DD in the description.

So lets say you are on… You  need to put up an ad and also get into some chat rooms.  Your ad needs to be honest-not only what you are seeking but what you are not. When describing yourself also be honest. Trust me, nothing bugs a Dom more than setting up a session with someone and finding out they are not anything like they described themselves to be. Been there,  got a t-shirt and a very uncomfortable evening out of it. So truth, truth, and more truth. So you put up your ad and look, you have a response. Actually, you have alot of responses, so now what do you do?   You respond in kind and see if the prospective “Mr. Right” Dom, wants to chat.

So now you are in chat, what do you say? Well first its always a good sign to say sir and be respectful.  Tell him your needs, and find out his.  Remember, keep it honest. Now pay attention, this is really important and I want all of you to sit up as you are reading this, and pay attention. If he mentions sex, say thank you for responding and get out! No real Dom will bring up sex in a first chat or a first session. Also, no bondage ever, unless you have a trusting relationship. Really trusting, You need to put yourself out there, but you need to feel safe. I always tell nubie subs to rent the movie Strangeland.  That  movie demonstrate how careful you have to be.

Chat should be fun for you. He should elicit that tingle, with what he says and how he says it. Then, you may want to go a step further and meet. I am going to do my next post on rules for a first session which you will need to burn into your little subbie memories as they are vital in this scene.

As always, be good or else.


Mojo Mondays with Kenny Walters



We are very pleased to bring to you today, an interview with Kenny Walters. He is a published author-his most recent work- Bed Over, Girl.

This book contains six short stories from a writer who many will know from magazines and spanking websites. Typically realistic and often based on real-life events, they depict punishments in British girls’ schools with one having a modern Australian setting.

Fair’s Fair
Two girls are punished by the headmaster for bringing alcohol into the school, but that’s just the start of it.

The Twist
Two girls feel hard done by when a particular prefect reports them to their headmaster. When the same prefect is responsible for their second visit to the headmaster’s study, it sets them thinking.

What I Really Want
Misbehavior in class leads to an unexpected request, although the teacher isn’t sure whether he really wants to go along with the idea.

Sixth Form Smoking
Two girls are caught smoking, but their punishment is not entirely conventional.

The New School Secretary
Stella is very pleased to have secured a new job working as an assistant school secretary in a girls’ boarding school. The girls like her too, but then one takes advantage of Stella’s friendliness.

The Escort
Persistent failings result in Karen Donaldson having to attend a disciplinary meeting with her teacher, who decides she has insufficient powers to deal adequately with the girl. Thus Karen finds herself being escorted to an even less pleasant meeting with the Sixth Form Principal.


So lots of hot stories about school discipline to satisfy just about anyone! Enjoy this fascinating interview from an insider, and please check out his book on Amazon. You wont be disappointed! He has personal experience so he knows what he is writing about. 🙂 You can also check out his website, Over The Desk.

Bre: How long have you been writing? 

Kenny: I started writing spanking literature in the form of short stories about twenty years ago, firstly for fun and to share amongst a few friends with a similar interest. I had previously written articles on craftwork and woodworking for several magazines. With the coming of the internet, a couple of friends and I set up our own website and I contributed with short stories and photographs.


Bree:How did you get into writing this genre?

Kenny: I’ve always had an interest in spanking and corporal punishment, and can even remember playing spanking games with friends before any of us were even old enough to start school. My first job after leaving school was situated near the Soho area of London, which in those days was the porn capital of the UK. Looking around the shops in Soho, there was literally thousands and thousands of magazines, books and movies for sale, although it was some years later that I actually started writing.

While the ban on school CP in the UK some years ago doesn’t seem to have affected the demand for CP fiction, some have turned their interest to US and Australian school scenarios because these are still current.


Bree: Is Bend Over, girls your first book published?

Kenny: Yes, although Carla and I have also published another book (called ‘Over the Desk’) via Blushing Books Publishing. We both have second books with our publishers.


Bree: Did you grow up in British schools? Any first hand experiences?

Kenny: Yes, I did. In my mixed primary school (ages 5 to 11) corporal punishment was rarely used with spankings over the teachers knee being the most common form. The headmaster occasionally used the cane, but that was very rare.

I then went to an all boys Grammar School (ages 11 to 18) where corporal punishment was an everyday thing. Most teachers punished by whacking boys’ bottoms with a plimsoll, a type of rubber soled gym shoe that was always referred to as a slipper when used for punishment. I doubt a day went by when at least one boy in each class of 40 to 45 didn’t get the slipper and this was always done in front of the whole class.

The headmaster and two deputy heads used the cane, but always in private so I only got to witness one boy, a friend of mine, being caned. Canings were reckoned to be fairly rare, and I got to see this one caning because of the headmaster’s peculiar idea that when a group of boys had all misbehaved seriously, he would take everyone involved into his study but select just one boy to actually receive the cane. The others then had to witness it. From general opinion in the school, my friend got a fairly typical six strokes administered across his bottom with trousers and underpants pulled down.

The all girls Grammar school nearby used corporal punishment much less but seemed to follow similar lines as did most other schools in the area.

Later, I taught in a number of private schools and corporal punishment was generally used quite liberally so I got to hear about, witness and administer a good number of punishments and many of my short stories are based on these experiences.


Bree: If you wrote more than one book, which is your favorite?

Kenny: I don’t really have a favourite short story.


Bree: What are you working on right now?

Kenny: I’m working on a collection of brand new short stories and also a humorous book on life in a UK Grammar school in the 1960s and 1970s.


Bree:When did caning start in english schools?

Kenny: Corporal punishment had always been used in English schools, although for many centuries the favoured implement was the birch (a small bunch of twigs, not always from birch trees, up to three feet long bound together with cord). The cane began to be used as Britain became a coloniser of places where it was grown, and was certainly the more popular implement by the mid to late 1800s.


Bree: Why was the cane decided to be the most efficient implement?

Kenny: I don’t really know, but if the bark was left on twigs such as from the birch tree there would be a number of sharp projections along the length of the twigs that could cause nasty little cuts. The cane (rattan) doesn’t have these and would therefore avoid any risk of these cuts on tender schoolboys’ or girls’ bottoms.


Bree: When was the introduction to the tawse?

Kenny: The tawse (a length of leather strap with the end split into two or three tails) was much more popular inScotland and the very north of England rather than the whole UK, although leather belts (known as the strap) were much more widespread throughout the UK. As far as I know, it came into being around the same time as the cane took over from the birch in schools.


 Bree: Is slippering ever a part of english scholl discipline?

 Kenny: Before the ban on all corporal punishment, the slipper (plimsoll or gym shoe) was the most popular implement used by teachers on a daily basis. In almost all areas, all corporal punishment was supposed to be recorded in the school punishment book. However, while nearly all canings were recorded, slipperings almost never were.


 Bree: Is school discipline ever done on bb?

 Kenny: When corporal punishment was allowed, most punishments were administered across the hand or across the bottom covered by normal indoor clothing. Some head teachers, like ours, always caned on the bare bottom, while others made boys strip to their underwear and others allowed boys to keep their trousers on. Most girls were caned on their hands, but those who were caned on their bottoms could well have their skirts lifted. Bare bottom canings (and slipperings) for girls did happen but they’re much rarer.

 Gym teachers (male and female) seemed often to have a reputation for using CP anyway, and certainly gym teachers finding some boys or girls mucking around in the shower probably didn’t see the point of waiting while these errant youngsters dried themselves off and got dressed before slippering them, thus they could expect to get it not only on the bare but actually stark naked.


Bree: Where did the term 12 of the best come?

Kenny: Mainly from CP fiction, I think! The traditional punishment was ‘six of the best’. There were a few schools which allowed up to twelve strokes but they were pretty rare. Eight strokes would be a more usual maximum.


 Bree: What is the origin of the school master robes?

 Kenny: They’re the robes university students have to purchase and wear at their graduation ceremony. They would also have to buy and wear ‘mortar board’ hats for the ceremony but if they followed a teaching career they would have worn the robes during lessons but never the hat, nor indeed the attached hood which denotes the university colours.


 Bree: Are male school masters allowed to cane female students?

 Kenny: Some Local Education Authorities did have guidelines that said male teachers shouldn’t punish female students and when these guidelines weren’t followed ‘words of advice’ were sometimes offered. There was no legal ban though. In my experience, female students often preferred to be punished by male teachers, because they thought we would be kinder to their bottoms. I suspect they were quite correct.


 Bree: How old can a student be before caning or punishment is no longer permitted?

 Kenny: No corporal punishment is allowed in UK schools now. Curiously, though, some sixth form colleges have started to introduce statements on their websites stating specifically that corporal punishment is not used in that college. Since these have come long after the ban was imposed, speculation as to the reasoning is rife.


 Bree: Why do the english favor the cane over say a paddle as used in american schools?

Kenny: I think it’s purely historical. Some teachers did use a paddle type implement. One teacher I had used what he called a ‘key board’ which was a flat piece of wood very similar in shape to a US paddle but had (allegedly) been used to hang up keys in his house. Another headmaster of a girls school used a US shaped paddle made of Perspex (Lucite in US?).


 Bree: has caning ever been banned in english schools?

 Kenny: All corporal punishment is now banned in UK schools.


Bree: what is your interest in this subject..where does it come from?

 Kenny: As I said earlier, my interest stems from a very young age and it’s almost as though it’s a natural instinct.


 Bree: Were you ever disciplined in an english school?

 Kenny: I was spanked a couple of times and slippered three times, all in my secondary (Grammar) school.


 Bree: Is english school discipline always done in private?

 Kenny: Most slipperings and spankings were carried out in front of the class. Canings by the headmaster or headmistress were usually in private.


 Bree: Is there any form of testing for a headmaster or headmistress in the use of discipline before hiring?

 Kenny: I never heard of that, although interviewing panels would once have been keen to reassure themselves the candidate was able to maintain discipline.


 Bree: Has banning the use of corporal punishment in UK schools turned out to be a good or a bad thing?

 Kenny: No-one has so far found an effective alternative. The near silence in which most lessons were conducted has long gone and schools are now very noisy environments. Students get up and wander around the class, or even outside the room, at will. Bullying is rife. Assaults on teachers are at a record high. I’m sure there are other factors involved, but the loss of being able to use CP as one option is, I’m sure, one of the major factors.


 Bree: When you were teaching did you often use CP?

 Kenny: No, I never found it hard to keep order and maintain students’ interest in lessons and so rarely had the need to use punishment of any kind. Most of the times I did use it was at the request of students (in place of another sanction) or their parents, usually mothers.

Holy Crap Batman!



OK so this is going to be a shameless plug but I am blown away by the amazing success of Blindfolded so far. Released not even a week ago and it is already number 29 on Amazons hot new releases in erotica, and 65 on Amazons Best Sellers in Erotica. This in particular is amazing because it is out of like a million books. Number 65! Anyway, just amazing and proud of Bre. Thanks for your support!


Lov Nikki

Saturday Spanking

Saturday Spankings

This week I am excited to offer an excerpt from Blindfolded. This book is H.O. T. But don’t take my word for it, read the excerpt then go to Amazon or Blushing and read the sample chapter. Oy boy!. Hot hot hot! It has a little bit of everything in there. And thats all I am going to say. lol Check it out for yourself. 🙂

Also, I just need to add….Blindfolded it currently ranked at #16 bestseller for past 30 days at Blushing books and is ranked number 36 in Erotica on Amazon. So Yay Bre! I am sure by this time tomorrow those numbers will change-hopefully for the better-but for now, I am proud of my sister.

And don’t forget to go to the sat spankings blogspot for a list of other fantastic authors with super duper hot excerpts. Get your weekend started off right.






Regan Cooper’s entire existence is focused on living vicariously through the characters she creates as a best-selling erotic romance author. She lives alone and unseen in a cabin high in the mountains, interacting with the world purely through cyberspace. Then one night as she celebrates another best-seller with a bottle of wine, alone as usual, her life is turned upside down in an instant when she finds herself restrained, blindfolded, and kidnapped by someone she can only assume to be an obsessed fan.

The man calls himself Master Jay, and he knows everything about the terrified woman he holds prisoner. He promises Regan that no harm will come to her, and informs her that he is going to introduce her to the fantasies that she has written about in her books. Bound, stripped bare, and blindfolded, she has no choice but to submit to his desires, but as time passes she is shocked to find that her will to flee is being replaced by a powerful need to be his. Naked and vulnerable, yet aroused in a way she could never have imagined, she waits with a mix of wonder and trepidation for all of the pleasure and pain and shame and excitement that her new master intends for her to experience.

When he offers her the opportunity for a real adventure that she can call her own—one not experienced by any of her characters—she must decide whether she has learned to trust him, and herself, enough to indulge. Will Regan take a bold plunge into the unknown, or will she forever be the outsider looking in, afraid to see life outside of her vivid imagination.



“Tsk, tsk… I tried to warn you,” his voice was patient but filled with disappointment. He snatched her bound wrists and, in one fell swoop, had her across those long, broad, and incredibly muscular thighs. Regan shouted her protest as he pressed his hand into the center of her back.

“These will have to go. I doubt I will accomplish much with your sweats guarding your behind,” he announced, hooking his finger under the waist band and shimmying the pants over her hips and past her thighs.

Regan squealed, kicking to escape, though she knew she had no hope to prevent this assault upon her person.

“Have you ever been spanked before, Regan?” he asked, his large, warm hand resting tenderly upon her panty-clad backside.

“No! Please don’t!” Regan pleaded, shocked to discover that she felt momentary concern that she was wearing granny panties, and then relieved to recall that she had changed earlier to her cheekies. None of which hid the tell-tale dimples of her aging body or her sedentary lifestyle. He patted her bottom, enjoying the jiggling of the ample flesh below his hand… a hand large enough to cover the expanse of flesh she offered.

“Well, then, we will consider this a first.”

Regan held her breath, listening for the whoosh of his palm before it landed squarely in the center of her wriggling bottom. She yelped, surprised… A second swat followed, eliciting a loud “Owe!” from her lips. Her bottom stung wildly from just the two, yet, Regan felt an unfamiliar warmth creep up to the center of her thighs.

I hope you enjoyed the excerpt and if you would like to purchase the books, they are available at the following vendors. Thanks!
Luv, Nikki
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