Ten Reasons I Really Love My Haters!



Ok, now we all eat up the wonderful, sappy reviews, but how about the ones that seriously have no other reason but to try to tear us a new one and make us feel like dirt?
Not only do they provide a means of entertainment, but they actually have a purpose. So, for any of you hard working writers out there, these are important things to remember about your haters…if you are privileged enough to get yourselves some. Right now, I have the market on them, so you can just wait your turn! So yes, be jealous. They are MINE.
Curious as to who they are? You will see the same names and comments pop up for every book written… and I am thrilled to death over them. Why?


1. Seek out and Buy My Books!
2. Leave critical and controversial reviews, helping raise the interest level in my audience. Cool, huh?
3. Keep Buying My Books! (Bought me a new computer)
4. Make me feel special because they take to time to pick me out and think about me all hours of the day and night. Wow!
5. Buy More of My Books! (Paid my mortgage for the month)
6. No matter what, they manage to find something to hate… and they will praise another author for the exact same thing. This means I must have left one hell of an impression on them. It is nice to know how influential we can be, doesn’t it? ESPECIALLY when we hit a sore spot.
7. Buy Every one of My Books! (Sending me on a trip to Pennsylvania to visit my bestie)
8. No matter the content, the haters seem to eagerly look forward to the next release so they can have another reason to hate and complain. Ordinarily I would tell them they needed to get spanked, but it’s obvious that they just need a lot of love. And maybe some sex?
9. Buy, Buy, Buy (Make it so I can quite my job and write more books for them to hate)
10. Have a specific agenda that is clear to everyone who reads the reviews. I don’t believe they really want to sound bitter and miserable, but rather want to provide a humorous outlook to what could otherwise be a dreary subject. Let’s face it, positive reviews? I get them all the time, so these babies are pure gold!

I love that my haters live to hate me! As a bruise pusher, that makes me love them even more. It feels so good to know that they feel my books and my life hold such value to them that they spend precious time, money and effort… just for me!

Thanks, Haters! I can’t wait for the next comment on Small Town Sass! I love all of you!

Loves, Bree

Visit Me at Governing Anna’s Today….


suitcase girl

I took a trip over to  Governing Anna today where I am talking about age play for her Monday morning FIKA. So head on over and give Anna some love and read about Age Play from yours truly. Oh and the suitcase was not really necessary since I am not staying long. I will be back here again tomorrow.


Luvs, BreeBree

Saturday Spankings!

Saturday Spankings

Wow! Week four of Saturday Spankings! After you check out this hot excerpt, click on over to the Saturday Spankings blog to visit the other authors with great excerpts for your Saturday spanking enjoyment.


How about this? It”s an an excerpt from Lost & Found.

Lost and Found

Lance Callahan, MD, is known to his hospital staff as a man with a heart of gold. When a young woman is brought in with a gunshot wound and severe post-traumatic amnesia, Lance is just the man to care for her. No one knows who she is, where she’s from, or why she was left to perish in the unforgiving desert. Even her name, Noelle, is known to Lance only from an inscription on a necklace found in her pocket.

In his effort to help Noelle, Lance determines that due to the trauma she has suffered, the young woman requires retraining to become age-appropriate in all of her activities. Her little girl persona further shocks him when she suddenly claims him as her “Daddy.”

With nowhere else for her to go, Lance turns to his close-knit family for help, and Noelle suddenly finds herself with a new aunt and two new uncles, along with more love than she can handle. She quickly learns that there are some very specific rules in the Callahan home, for both Daddy’s little girl and Lance’s big girl, and that the consequences for breaking the rules include a very red and sore bottom!

Questions remain about Noelle’s past, and as the mystery of her origins slowly unravels, it becomes clear that Noelle has a very special secret of her own… a secret that could tear apart everything she’s learned to love, including the joy of being lost and then found by a man who’s given his heart to her.



(This passage occurs between Alan, Lance’s older brother and his wife. Alan has had enough of her attitude!)

Alan stood, “Come to me, Margaret.”
Maggie obeyed, trembling as she stood in front of her tall, well-muscled husband. He lifted her chin to face him.
“I love you. I want you to be all you were meant to be, and a mean-spirited, rude brat is not who you are. Bring me the strap.”
Maggie felt tears coming as she walked into the large closet and pulled the antique leather razor strap off the hook on the far wall. She picked up the bottle of oil and the soft cloth and handed it all to him.
“Oil it, Margart,” he ordered, arms crossed.


John fell off the bench, literally, laughing at this one. You know how people have little quirky things they do? Well, I have several…. Among them, I cannot eat a blueberry, frosted pop tart unless it is burned on the edges and then cut into six cubes after the crunchy sides are cut off (best for last)…. I have to have my butter or cream cheese spread to cover every edge of my bagel or toast…. Vanilla Creamer has to be put in and warmed up before coffee is poured….. OMG, the list can go on and on… And poor John sees it as cute.
This one, though, I never even thought about. Before Nikki left on her trip to Los Angeles, the three of us decided to have a breakfast picnic right after I got off work. She handed me an apple and I started it for her, just like when she was little. John watched us and then got the case of the giggles.
Giggles are not usually considered manly, but hell, there is no other way to describe what he was doing. He was on the ground, holding his stomach and laughing so hard that we were wondering if we had finally driven him to the brink. We ignored him, figuring it was too early for him, and went back to our breakfast. I finally understood his reaction when Nikki silently handed me an orange and I started peeling it for her…. All those years of habit were so automatic that we never realized how goofy they were. But you know what?
I love to start my baby sisters apple. The day will come when she will have someone else to start it for her, and I will miss it.
So enjoy your quirks, laugh and I hope all of you have a fantabulous weekend! As for me…. John and I have the house to ourselves!!!!


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