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Saturday SpankingsIt’s that time again. Hopefully everyone survived Spring Break. Those lucky ones that got a break and those not so lucky. Either way hopefully this weekend is full of family, friends and fun for all! Before you start prepping for your guests or activities head on over to the Saturday Spankings Blog to see what the other authors have to share with you this weekend.

Tentatively named: Naked and Defiant

Naked and Defiant follows Griffon Badger, CEO of Badger-Clark Industries, and Jade Brockton, daughter of a powerful businessman, as they each discover themselves and their happiness. Griffon, recovering from his divorce, and Jade, caught in a dangerous situation, meet near the Tonga Islands. Their unfortunate circumstances force them to work together, sometimes with a little extra motivation applied to Jade’s backside.


“I just wanted a hot bath. It felt sooooo good and…”

“I am telling you this, little girl. There is one part of your body that won’t know what the word comfort means for the next couple of days. As for hot, expect your backside to feel nice and toasty by time I am done warming it.”

“Griffon, please…”

“Save your begging for when your bottom starts to smart. You are going to need it.”

Stay tuned for more snippets and updates!

Discipline Positions



So lovelies, I was thinking about a subject to write about, besides subbies being crazy, I love you all but geeeez. Anyway, I want to discuss punishment positions.

Hey!! Get back here, I did not say assume one…well not yet.

As a Dom I like two different methods of delivering discipline. I like the struggle and squirming, and most subs feel more secure if they can be held down for a spanking. You sure whine a lot when you are though. The other more strict method I call Dom positions. This involves you keeping still and remaining in position throughout the spanking.

Now why would I enjoy such a thing?

Besides the obvious, when I am training a sub she needs to understand obedience is a constant, not just once in a while. So, imagine you are bb and OTK about to get a spanking with something you hate, dana, bath brush, wood paddle etc.

Normally you would all be squirming around like little subbie eels but this time you must stay in position. Palms must be flat on the floor and remain flat on the floor. If they move? All together now…back to the beginning of the spanking, yeah!

Now I never said you would enjoy this, and my de Sade side is glad you do not, but it’s a great way to show your willingness to submit and be obedient.

Here’s an example: Let’s say you have been very bratty…I know it’s a stretch but roll with it, lol. I say you are to get 50 with the brush. Now if you move, we go back to one.  To answer your question, yes I have restarted at 49 for moving. I am quite serious about staying in position. You can certainly wiggle, Doms love that, but palms must stay flat on the floor.

I was wondering if any of you, with Doms, have experienced this or something similar? If not, I am sure you will suggest it right away…Not.

I find it’s a very good way to impart a good blistering alongside an important lesson. There’s also the plus of no whining about how your back or arm got tweaked because you decided to try a Cirque de Soli move while being spanked and had to be restrained. So what do you think lovelies? Keep in mind that this works just as well for bent over hands on knees, or on a chair etc.

Win-win for me, of course if you move, more spanks and a redder bottom, if not you have been thoroughly controlled and topped.

It’s good to be the Dom.

Be good or else…


Naked and Defiant #SatSpanks

Saturday Spankings


This weekend we bring you something brand spanking new. Naked and Defiant, tentatively named, is currently with the publisher so it’s well on it’s way to coming to your kindle in the near future. Check back for more teasers and info on when this book will be coming out. In the mean time don’t forget to stop by the Saturday Spankings Blog and visit the author’s who have been kind enough to share their own snippets.

Tentatively named: Naked and Defiant

Naked and Defiant follows Griffon Badger, CEO of Badger-Clark Industries, and Jade Brockton, daughter of a powerful businessman, as they each discover themselves and their happiness. Griffon, recovering from his divorce, and Jade, caught in a dangerous situation, meet near the Tonga Islands. Their unfortunate circumstances force them to work together, sometimes with a little extra motivation applied to Jade’s backside.


This little bit comes after Griffon instructs Jade to complete a task. She does so incompletely and very late despite being threatened with a switching.

“Next time you will cut and clean your own switch, so you best pay attention to what I am doing,” Griffon said in a grave voice. Thunder rumbled in the distance. “Bend over and touch your toes.”

“No, I most certainly will not! Ow, let go of my earlobe Griffon!” Jade protested, grabbing his wrist and trying to ease his hold on her ear as he led her to the entrance to the shelter. Unable to dislodge his hand, Jade found herself bent in half over the side of the raised platform.
“No, Griffon, please! I promise to help and to listen to you and…” her pleading was interrupted by the swooshing of the switch in the air and the yelping of her own voice.


Intimate Piercings…Yay! Or HELL, No!


Recently on subbie corner, the question was been raised about genital piercings.  So, if I may, I would like to enlighten you.

YES! Last year I went ahead and took the plunge. I already have several piercings…Multiple ear, tragus, cartilage and belly button…But this one, well, to be honest, I did not know what bothered me most. The fear of the pain or being looked at so intimately by some strange dude who was NOT my Ob/Gyn.

Now, most of you are already aware that I am inked quite intensively.  Trust me, it is a matter of the artwork, not the pain. Otherwise, why bother with Blessed Butt cream? But piercing is another story….

I researched the types of genital piercing quite extensively prior to making the choice of what to do (the Vertical clitoral hood vs. Horizontal clitoral hood).

The VCH is made through the top layer of skin that covers the clit and the bar runs under the skin against the clit. Okay, so if you can imagine something constantly pressing and moving against you. Especially when you drive down bumpy roads…mmmm, get my drift? I wanted sensation, not a fashion show (the HCH is done across the skin and is gorgeous for hanging things, but does little for sensation). There are also labia, vulva and perineal piercings. These are primarily for appearance and don’t really seem to have any sensation purpose.

I chose the VCH.

The dude who did mine reminded me of a guy from duck dynasty with body tatts and the tribal ear plugs. Never judge a book by its cover. He was incredible! Not only did he take his time to talk me off the ledge and keep me from chickening out, but he was so patient with all my questions and concerns.  By the time he took me in the back, showing him my pooky was a piece of cake.

I can honestly say the most uncomfortable part of the process was the ‘fitting’.  They have to see if your clit qualifies for this particular type of piercing…i.e. If you have enough tissue to hold a barbell. It felt weird when he slipped the little metal rob under the flap of skin and directly against my clit. Not the most pleasant of sensations, but certainly not the worst. I account the majority of my discomfort to nerves.

After the piercing jewelry is sterilized, I got to hop back up on the table. Now, you ask, OMG, Bree! like did you SPREAD for this dude? Nope, not how he did it. He rested across my pelvis and parted my lips with his gloved fingers, slipped that little metal rod back again and told me to take a deep breath.  I literally felt a pinch and it was over. Three seconds, tops, to pierce and place the barbell.  After that, I felt NOTHING. No pain, minimal bleeding, and instant, uh….sensation. We even went to walk around Old Town and out for dinner right after. NO pain!

It took one week to heal.  Needless to say, John was very curious (as was I) about how this new addition would affect our playtime. It took a while to get used to it. It is so easy to forget its there and I remember getting startled when i would touch something hard! LOL! Which brings up a point…

Orgasms. Since the piercing, I have seemed to develop what John calls ‘sexual Tourette’s syndrome.”  I am blessed with a very unselfish man who has always made sure that I am a happy girl, but now…OMG. I found, for me, it took a little longer to reach climax partially because of the extreme sensitivity and getting used to having the extra stimulation.  Using a vibrator is also a challenge because if one of the metal balls touches it, it makes all sorts of noise, lol. I still find it difficult to use the vibrator directly on the clit due to the over stimulation, but it is absof****ing incredible if the wand is pressed right against the lip area.

And multiples…over and over and over again.  Yes, I am a very, VERY happy girl.

Just remember that everyone has different reasons for doing different things, and we all have different tolerances.  I can only share my own experience with you. Just be true to yourself and don’t let anyone talk you into doing something you are not comfortable with. It is okay to be yourself.

The scene, just like piercing and tattoos, is not for everyone. Some of us are into the real deal as a full time lifestyle, while others strictly adhere to the excitement of the party interaction and sensuality of play. There is no right or wrong and we all must be careful not to judge or assume. Regarding these types of piercing, I suggest you consider this…

It is just like spanking. If you are only in it to mess around (like foreplay or light party ‘baby’ spanks), test out a non piercing piece before you do the real thing. It can give you an idea of your tolerance and your sensation. For those who are more hardcore (and can handle a real spanking without calling out a safe word after two or three swats), you might be more inclined to do something like this.  It is better to take your time and explore than jump into something and regret.

Just sayin!!!



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