A Little Rant…

Sometimes, having an HOH or Dom is a good thing. They help make decisions and you know they are in your best interest because it is part of their responsibility to keep your interest in the forefront of their minds. That is when they are not doing things to you for their pleasure-I am talking more about doms here not hoh’s. Not saying they hurt us on purpose-well actually, they do-but not really hurt. Anyway, I am getting off tract.

Bre is going through a rough patch right now and I was away all day and when I got home, she wanted to talk to me and I really wanted to talk to her. But Daddy wouldn’t let us. He said she had to go to sleep. It was like, 5:00 people. I mean, yea she is emotionally drained but I just wanted to talk to my sister for a little while but could I? No,  I had to let her go to sleep. I couldn’t even lay down with her. It is really difficult obeying sometimes. And I am pretty sure I may have gotten myself into a little bit of trouble but I don’t care. Well, I do care but you know, I wanted to be there for her.

How do you deal with situations like this? When your HOH or Dom says you must obey but you really do not want to? It’s so hard. I mean, I love him and want to be obedient but I also want what I want. Know what I mean? Such a dilemma. Anyway, just curious and would like to hear from the subbies out there. How do you deal with obeying? It’s hard right?

Love, Nikki

A little amendment….. I just wanted to say that after talking to daddy ( and I am not just referring to the business end of his paddle) I understand better why he made the decision to send Bre to bed and why I should have just obeyed him. He explained how I am to trust him and he is right. I do trust him and I am sorry that I did not do as I am supposed to do as his sub. So even though I still wish he would have just let us talk like we wanted to, I understand his motives were not to be mean. So sorry Sir. I will do better in the future to obey without questioning. I love you!

Love Nikki

A little get to know the Hayse Sisters post..

I borrowed these questions from another blogger, this kind of thing goes the rounds from time to time.  I believe you are supposed to stick to one-word answers, but I am disregarding that. Also, Bree and I will both be answering. Just so you can see how different the Hayse sisters will be in their answers.
Have you ever…
Been pulled over?
Nikki: One time. I was speeding in a school zone. I sweet talked my way out of a ticket. 🙂
Bree:  Way too many times to count… I’m a little lead footed,,, but only ticketed twice!

Dyed your hair?
Nikki: But of course!
Bree: Do highlights count?

Pulled an all-nighter?
Nikki: Studying or just fooling around having fun? Yes to both!
Bree: My life IS an all nighter, but when I’m not working, Snoozeville!

Baked a cake?
Bree: Eaten a cake.

Fallen down in public?
Nikki:Yes, I fall down on a fairly regular basis. Public or otherwise.
Bree:  Not me, although watching Nikki taking a tumble is more than hysterical

Been caught making out?
Nikki: Um, maybe?
Bree: All the time, and Nikki hates it
Taken a pregnancy test?
Nikki: Oh god no!
Bree: Ummmm………Maybe…
Broken a bone?
Nikki: wrist and foot. Wrist from jumping off of a 50 ft. cliff. Who knew water was that hard? Oh wait, wrist from falling off bike as well. The foot was just wallking and stepped into a hole. Stupid holes.
Bree:  Nope.  Unlike little sister, Im not accident prone.  But then, I watch where I’m walking and dont go jumping off of perfectly stable flat surfaces.
Had braces?
Nikki: Nope!
Bree:  Yeah….. and still trying to forget about them.
Gone skinny dipping?
Nikki: Oh yea!
Bree: Every chance I get!!
Built something out of wood?
Nikki: Hmm…I cant remember. Maybe in girl scouts or something.
Bree:  All the time… love wood working and any other types of crafts. Do woody’s count too? Ooops
Been to Disneyland?
Nikki: Yes-Disneyworld too!    
Bree: Absolutely- Micky cringes when he sees the Hayse girls coming.  it always spells trouble.
Eaten a Krispy Kreme donut?
Nikki: Yum!
Bree: No. Not allowed 🙁
Screamed during a scary movie?
Nikki: Of course!
Bree: I don’t watch scary movies.  I’m a wimp.
Showered with someone of the opposite sex?
Nikki: A boy?No, but I’ve peeked…
Bree: Yeppers! As often as possible, too!

Been to a professional sporting event?
Nikki: Yes! Soccer, football, baseball, and hockey. Never went to a professional basketball game. Tennis and golf put me to sleep quicker than my nursing text books.
Bree: Dragged kicking and screaming and never taken again! LOL!

Slept till noon?
Nikki: Is this question for real? haha! Every chance I get!
Bree: I can’t remember, I’m usually sleeping at that time.

Been arrested?
Bree: Nope.
Opened Christmas presents early?
Nikki: Yes, I am quite good at unwrapping and re-wrapping christmas gifts. Don’t tell my sister or Daddy!
Bree: No, and we are already aware of Nikki’s sneaking peeks.
Played Scrabble?
Nikki: Yea, Im not too bad at it.
Bree: Yes, and I kick butt! 
Rolled down a hill?
Nikki! Of course!
Bree: Why would I do that?
Toilet papered someone’s house?
Nikki: Yea, that was fun.
Bree: Excuse me? Nik? Is there something you need to share with us?
Laughed so hard you cried?
Nikki: Every time Bree is getting a spanking. Just about anyway. YOu would laugh too if you heard her. haha
Bree:  Humprf. As for the question, I usually loose it when the giggles hit… and it has nothing to do with being spanked.  Not usually, anyway, although I do have my moments.
Burned yourself with a curling iron?
Nikki: Yea, my flat iron a few times. I have horrible curly hair so the flat iron and I are very close and i have the scars to prove it.
Bree:  No, but I’ve fixed Nikki’s ow’s many of times. 
Been hit on by someone too young?
Nikki: Um..Well too young would be like a kid so, no.
Bree: Yes… way too often.  What’s with these HS boys now a days?
Gotten seasick?
Nikki: Yes
Bree:  Right next to little sister, off the same boat on the way to Catalina.  Poor John.
Eaten food that fell on the floor?
Nikki: Haven’t you heard of the 5 second rule?(this does not apply at hospital clinical locations)
Bree: Heck no! And there is NO 5 second rule!

Given a hickey?
Nikki: Yea
Bree: I’m a biter, but John doesn’t let me very often. Gotta wait until he goes to sleep.
Shared a sucker with your dog?
Nikki: Ew!
Bree:  Of course… especially since it bothers Nikki.
Been in an accident?
Nikki: A little tiny fender bender-I was not driving
Bree:  Yes, several… and never my fault!
Had chickenpox?
Nikki: Yea when I was a baby. I don’t remember it.
Bree:  Yes, and I do remember Nikki’s. I was more miserable than she was.  She whined the entire time.
Shopped at Home Depot?
Nikki: I have been there but haven’t actually spent any of my own money there.
Bree: LOVE Home Depot… and power tools
Spied on your neighbors?
Nikki: Um? Not sure. We don’t have many neighbors here.
Bree: Nikki spies all the time… and gives hourly reports.  We can always tell when she’s supposed to be studying by the amount of distractions she finds.
Plucked your eyebrows?
Nikki: No-I wax
Bree:  Chickens are plucked, ladies are tweezed. But I wax too… it freaks John out, too.
Ridden in a limo?
Nikki: Yes
Bree: Yeppers
Had a pet fish?
Nikki: Oh god yes.
Bree: I took care of Nikki’s pet fish. Does that count?
Lied about your age?
Nikki: When I was like 11, I used to like and say i was 14 or 15. This was on vacation with kids I knew I would probably never see again. I just wanted to get a little-something-not sex of course.
Bree:  Isn’t that required after 29?
Bought something at a yard sale?
Nikki: Of course! I love yard sales!
Bree: I give money to Nikki for garage sales.  Does that count?
Fired a gun?
Nikki: Yes, I have been trained.
Bree: I’m prior USMC and kick butt with firearms 
Been drunk?
Nikki: Um, yea!
Bree: Unfortunately, yes.
Had a cavity?
Nikki: Unfortanately yes
Bree: Grrrr, long time ago
Been ice skating?
nikki: Yes!
Bree:  John and I Love ice-skating and ice-dancing.  We keep Nikki off the ice- she’s accident prone.
Handed out candy to trick-or-treaters?
Nikki: yea, who hasnt- all though I much prefer being on the receiving end.
Bree: No. John is too protective and won’t let me answer the door!
Been in the hospital?
Nikki: Yea, a few times.
Bree: Yes, once or twice
Made a prank call?
Nikki: Um….Is your refrigerator running? You better go catch it! Do you have king albert in a can? Well you better let him out! haha
Bree: No, I choose to harass people face to face
Been sick on your birthday?
Nikki: I don’t think so. I am rarely sick
Bree:  I think I get sick every birthday…. sick of getting older
Gotten a tattoo?
Nikki: No but I plan to.
Bree: Yep, I have four!
Had food come out your nose?
Nikki: Of course!
Bree: Euw. No.
Gone out without underwear?
Nikki: I have but unlike my sister, I actually prefer to wear underwear.
Bree: I HATE wearing underwear
Had a massage?
Nikki: Not for real. But by a friend. Shhh! Don’t tell daddy!
Bree: Nikki forgets he reads our blog. Yes, but I really don’t like them.  
Locked your keys in the car?
Nikki: Yes, once.
Bree: Never
Ridden a horse?
Nikki: Of course!
Bree: What kind of country girls would we be without horse riding? We also know how to milk goats, gather chicken eggs and skin rattlesnakes.  Or, should I say, this girl does.  Nikki’s a cry baby.
Been lost?
Nikki: I am lost right now.
Bree:  Physically or mentally?
Held a $100 bill?
Nikki: A couple of times. Didn’t last long though.
Bree: All the time, right before it’s deposited in the bank.
Been to Europe?
Nikki: Yes
Built a fire?
Nikki: Yes
Bree: No, but all over Asia
Slept Naked?
Nikki: Once or twice
Bree: Is there any other way to sleep?
Been skydiving?
Nikki: No and it wont be happening
Bree: Why the hell would anybody want to jump out of a perfectly good airplane?
Hogged the covers on purpose?
Nikki: Hmmm. I dont think so..
Bree: Of course, why bother otherwise?
Played golf?
Nikki: Miniature golf. It is boring.
Bree: I like miniature golf, especially since I cheat.
Watched the Weather Channel?
Nikki: Yes
Bree: Yawn
Had a manicure?
Nikki: Yea
Bree: Yes
Made mashed potatoes?
NikkiL Yea
Bree: Isn’t that a dance from the old days? Let’s ask John,
Written your phone number on a napkin?
Nikki: No
Bree: I plead the 5th
Been to the circus?
Nikki: Yea Barnum & Bailey and Cirque de Soleil!
Bree: My life is a circus.

Newest Cat Fight- HELP!

Ok, I need some opinions (help?) out there… Once again, having kid sister issues. You all know that I’m a workhorse between nursing, writing and home, right? So…. I want to take a little vacation and visit my best friend back east (maybe even stop by and say HI to the Johnsons). John is all for it, but little sister (who always invades my very limited chat time with my friend) is now trying to force me to take her with me. Is that fair? I don’t hang out with her friends. She won’t listen (which is an ongoing problem with her, obviously). I tried to explain to her that I need a break away from responsibilities for a little while (only four days) and the fight began. John had to interfere (referee?) and sent us both to our rooms for the rest of the night. Fine with me, cause i had to go back to sleep, but Nikki stayed up kicking the wall to annoy me! I mean, come on! Yes, she ended up, yet again, getting paddled, but she’s still having a tantrum. I spend as much time as I can with her, we play and talk all the time, but I wanna go see my buddy (also a Nicole) without my shadow. Since Nikki seems to listen to you guys so well about her homework, maybe she can listen to reason and let me have four days without her stealing my clothes? Or my Vera Bradley bag? BTW, if I don’t get a tiny break, my newest book… The Reformer- heavy duty age play story… may not get started….. so if any of you are waiting for another release……. hint hint hint Thanks! Luvs, Bree

Attention: Nikki’s Support Group

Hello Ladies, 
Well, I see Nikki got alot of comments about  her school issue.  Although I am the first to agree you all are entitled to your opinion;   it seems you have forgotten one very important fact:
The only opinion Nikola should be concerned with is mine.
The proper response from  all of you should have ended with was ” ..Of course, your Dom has the final say and you must obey him.”  
Seems that some edification in proper sub behavior is needed.  Best case scenario would be for you all to come to a workshop here..I am sure I could illustrate my point much better one on one, applied directly to some bare bottoms. I  do hope when you all respond (which you certainly should), and that you  do so in the proper manner. I will be curious to see who  knows what I am referring  to.   I will be reading Bree’s Blog from time to time as well as Nik’s..In the meantime, try and behave !
Sir John

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