I’m sorry…

Yesterday I posted in my punishment book and I used a curse word. This is one of my rules and I broke it. Not allowed to curse. Ever. Especially in public. I disappointed daddy and was a bad reflection on him and our family and did not conduct myself as a proper submissive. So I am really sorry if I offended anyone who read my post. I was punished-had to stay in position for 30 minutes 20 of which occurred while daddy lectured me. I will also be getting the gauntlet with five implements sometime in the future. Anyway, sorry everyone-especially Daddy and Bree.

Love, Nikki

It’s been a bad week…

This really has not been a great week for me. First Bree outs me about this guy I am seeing-he is actually really nice and is in some of my classes. I didn’t want to bring him home yet because I know he will get the third-degree between Bree and Daddy. Then I pretty much bombed a pop-quiz I didn’t study for and somehow Bree found out about it. I’m an adult, just because they are letting (making) me live with them, Bree and daddy think they have this control over my life. Well, daddy sort of does cause I agreed to it but still, it is frustrating..Then yesterday on my way home from study group daddy texted me and I responded and then said that I would talk to him later cause I was driving. Now I am in big trouble for that and also grounded which is not fair since I am in college. I should not be grounded. Im too old too be grounded.How do I explain to my friends that my brother in law grounded me? Ugh! Then I used a curse word in my book and am getting busted for that too. Could things get any worse? I wish it were spring break. I would be taking off to Vegas or something. If you don’t hear from me, assume the worst.


Yep!  Got a new one coming out in the next week or two.  By popular demand, Cowboys Know Best is finished. I will admit, it is more romantic and ‘tame’ than I’m used to writing, which allowed me to share my softer side with my awesome readers.

I’m also very excited to let you guys know that I’m publishing through a new company (Stormy Night) with my favorite editor, James.  I am very excited because I know that he will make certain that I continue to produce the best literature for my audience that I can, as well as continue to push me towards professional growth as an author.  I must confess that the poor man had to deal with my kicking and screaming when he tried to teach me about quotations, but he succeeded and may claim triumph in being the only person I know who could make my use of semi-colons cease and desist. Sorry, James!  (I’m giving you my sweet, innocent, blink)
As always, my books will be sold on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and, of course, Blushing!!  Keep the reviews coming and thank you all again for all your encouragement, love and support!!!
Always yours-


I really should listen better…

Daddy keeps telling me to watch out for Bree. He says, “she will spin a web and you will be caught up in it. Be careful or you will end up OTK without even realizing you were set up”.

Damn if he wasn’t right. She does do that! I am not sure if it is just her general bratty nature or if she thinks things up to trap me-but whatever it is, she manages to get me every. single. time.  This latest incident occurred last night. I wont go into what she did, but she basically manipulated me into tattling on HER and guess who got in trouble? That’s right, yours truly.  But on a positive note, she got in trouble as well, so it did sort of BACKFIRE on her. Oh and her back end WAS on fire. So I guess in the END, all is forgiven. 🙂 Gotta go do homework. Bleh!


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