Over and Done


Hello my lovelies,

Miss me? I missed you.

I wanted to say, thank you so much for all your support for Bree and I through these crazy stressful times and a special thanks to all of you who were generous enough to give from your hearts. We will be forever grateful.

Now, another question…hypothetical…Let’s say you’re going to visit your Dom and your punishment book is rather full, at least 7 transgressions. You’re staying for a week. Would you rather…

  1. Get all of them taken care of in one huge session then have a clean slate for the week
  2. Do one or two a day until they are all gone.

There are pros and cons for each, of course, but I am curious what you all think.

Be good or else



9 thoughts on “Over and Done

  1. I think I’m with the rest of the girls- I would rather have it over and done with . The we can move onto fun things and pleasure spankings…

  2. All over and done with. The rest of the time could be spend on good girl spankings water balloon fights and nerf gun wars!!!!

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