Outstanding Reason to Celebrate Today

You’ll never guess what today is? National Orgasm Day! I kid you not. In the spirit of celebration get to it…relieve some stress, relieve some pain, stimulate your…brain. The benefits are endless.


If you needed a little bit of motivation, maybe Annie’s own orgasmic bliss can point you in the right direction

With deliberate slowness, he pulled his rod from her wetness and dragged the tip along the length of tender skin until it kissed the center of her puckered hole. The throbbing head was guided with gentle ease through the first ring of muscles while his left hand stroked her hip. He reached between their bodies to clasp her clit between his fingers, pulling and rolling to both arouse and distract her from his tender intrusion. A final, minute heaven of his hips sent him roaring through the inner sphincter to enter into the snug cavern that was his first to enjoy. Annie gave into the discomfort, forcing her muscles to relax around the pole that stretched her to the point that she feared she would tear.

Driving deeper until his thighs slapped her backside, Greg wrapped his palms under her lower back and held her in place as he moved inside of her newly deflowered anus. His sparkling blue eyes never left her face, capturing her with their gaze. Quickening his thrusts, he lifted her bottom higher off the bed and held her with one arm, returning to pay attention to her stiff nub. Annie rolled her eyes back into her head, overwhelmed by sensation of his filling her ass with his long, thick cock and the drumming of his fingers over her wet, hungry pussy. The climax bubbled within her, turning into a rolling boil until it burst forth with an uninhibited cry of release as he filled her with his seed.

Spasm after spasm, her body jerked with tiny bursts of post-orgasmic delight. Her breath was short and raspy as she whispered, “Damn it, Greg.”

He looked surprised, bracing himself on his hands while his cock slowly slipped from her body. “Why do you say that?”

“You’ve ruined me for anyone else. How can I ever compare to what you just did? You’re an animal. An incredible, sexy animal. It felt like you snuck up from behind and devoured me whole. Wow.”

Mastering Annie

Now that Annie has her big O…go get yours!!

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