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Hello lovelies,

It seems that my last post confused some of you so let me shine a little Dom light on your fog of subbie confusion. First, my fondest wish for all of you is to experience a real, in person punishment session and a subspace one, even just once. Unfortunately, for some of you that is just not in the cards. What to do? The closest thing is to train online with a Dom. Now you have a lot of access to a potential Dom with the internet, complete with chat rooms, websites, messenger etc.

Let me give you a hypothetical situation to try to explain the online aspect a little more. Let’s say you email me (yes it does happen from time to time). You say you are out of control and need a firm hand to reel you in, that you fantasize about spanking and feel it may help you. Now, if I feel you are sincere, I may take you on for training, and no, I do not accept everyone. Only if you are serious and I feel I can help you because at the end of the day this is real not play. From there I tell you what is required and you must agree to all my rules, or we cannot work together. These include: keeping a punishment book, reporting bad behaviors once a week , getting on chat so that we can communicate in real time, agreeing to be obedient and follow all my orders without hesitation (that’s the goal but it usually takes a while for this to happen). Should the need for punishment arise your punishments may include: self spanking, writing lines, grounding, curfew etc. and no I do not care how old you are (though I usually do not train anyone under 35 or so) if a punishment is earned a punishment is received.

If you want to change behaviors then it’s my way or the vanilla way. You are then held accountable to an alpha male, one you cannot manipulate. All those years of getting your own way are gone and you answer to me. Now you all may be thinking “Oh come on SJ, why would I tell you that I’ve misbehaved? Especially if I am going to be punished? After all you’re thousands of miles away, what’s to stop me from just telling you I am being good or faking my punishment?

As a subbie you have one trait that you share with all your subbie sisters and that is guilt. If it were a subbie cup it would not runneth over, it would tsunami. Subbie guilt is like no other and lying to your Dom, someone that cares about you, is taking time to train you, is there for you, and is strict enough to blister your bb, would not be an option. If you did lie, the guilt would eat you up and you would eventually confess but by then your punishment would be much worse.


Now as a self-spanker you cannot possibly spank to the level I could with you in person but, following my orders you would be surprised just how sore your bottom can get. Tears, whining, protests, any kind of manipulation does not work, and I do not care how sore your bottom gets. But, a punishment given over chat is only phase one, phase two is a phone session. For this you call and hear my voice for the session, scolding and ordering your punishment, this is as close to a real, in person session as it gets.

Does it work? I can tell you, honestly, that all the women I have trained have changed their behaviors for the better. So, yes, you bet it works. Will you like it? Yes and no. Yes as you will finally have someone you cannot manipulate. One that will not hesitate to discipline you in the way he sees fit, with you having no say in the matter and no control over your fate. And no, for all the previous reasons, lol. Hope that clears up a little of the online training mystery.

Be good, or else…


9 thoughts on “OTK or Online

  1. hey lovelies .Sorry I have not been on but as most of you know Bree and I are moving ,Should be able to catch up with all of you next week don’t miss me too much lol

  2. SJ, Thank you for taking the time to explain. I really enjoy this blog and check it often. Always a pleasure to see You or Bree have posted something new.

  3. How come you don’t train anyone under 35? Is just the way its been or is that a limit set for yourself? If to personal I apologize just curious, I also thought maybe is was due to the more we mature the more we realize what we do and do not like or want?

  4. Wow I am really glad mine didn’t think of the self spanking while I was TDY It was hard enough to try to explain to my fellow Airman that I couldn’t go some where or do something I got a lot of gruff about how I was kept on a short lease should live a little or what happens TDY stays TDY But I will never forget when one of the guys stood up and said oh shut up you are just jealous because you can’t even get your wife to give you a drink and her Husband is over a 1000 miles away and she loves him enough to keep them close and they respect each other And just so you all know if anything happens to her You will answer to ME Until then I never realized how true Doms will stick together even if they don’t know each other I never said I was a sub or my Hubby was my Dom but he knew I still don’t understand how he knew But until he left no one bothered me and I really appreciated all his help

  5. That does clear up a lot of questions about how this works online. I believe that in person would be a better choice but with a person who truly wants help then online would be a way to go. Now you train people that are over 35? I would think that training would be with younger people like early 20’s before they are too set in the way they do things and are easier to correct.

  6. All I read was “scary stuff, intimidating stuff, nopenopenope stuff”…
    Also, 35? Ha! I can be a wildchild for another 17 years! 😀

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