Not A Happy Morning….


John is making me write this. It is so not fair. I kind of insulted myself the other day.. I mean, I made a comment about having a big butt and charging rhino thighs… You know, the girl PMS-I-feel-uglier-than-shit thing. He just landed four…just four.. Of the hardest paddle strokes I ever remember on my bare bottom! Instead of loving up to me and telling me that I am pretty and sexy, he spanked me for insulting his property. Not fair. Ok, he said its because I said demeaning things about myself and said it hurt him. So he hurts my bottom for it? NOT FAIR.

He said I also had to let y’all that he said he loved me and kissed me, and that I wasn’t supposed to have him sound like he’s being a jerk. Maybe not, but it is still not fair. And my bottom hurts. Bad.

Luv, Bree

OK Really Bree? You got 4 spanks with the paddle. I got 75 with the brush before my actual punishment even started. I don’t even want to hear it. Big baby. And what did I do? All I did was forget to say SIR and get into position. And I may have whined a little bit because I was not ready for my book review-AKA ‘come to Jesus meeting’ or my ‘reckoning’. SO I don’t wanna hear about your 4 little love pats with the paddle.

Luv, Nikki

6 thoughts on “Not A Happy Morning….

  1. I totally deserve the sympathy. Here is is almost 24 hours later and Im still red and have a couple bruises. Luckily sitting is no longer a problem.

    Luv Nikke

  2. LOL, I love reading the posts you gals (and SIr John occasionally) do. 🙂
    The dynamic your little family has is so fresh and entertaining, but I can also feel the love you have for each other.

    Who else, but a loving “Sir” would use a frat paddle to express how much it hurts him when his girl/s are hurtful to themselves.
    He was absolutely correct in administering a punishment. but OUCH! that frat paddle really does sound like it would hurt.

    I wonder if that is what they do in fraternities. practice on each other so they can be good Doms when they get out into the real world? 🙂

    virtual hugs and frozen peas coming for both of you 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I was going to cast my sympathy vote for Nikki just because 75 plus an actual punishment sounds painful, but 4 really hard with a frat paddle doesn’t sound pleasant either so now I’m conflicted. So each of you get half a vote, even steven.

    Just to get me a bonus point for the home edition you both ‘technically’ deserved it, although I feel for you guys on both accounts.

  4. OH PLEASE. Anyone would handle your little thing as compared to four strokes with a frat paddle. I thought i was going to fly through the wall, and i am still red!!! Plus, you deserved it, I didn’t. So there.

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