No Tricks… Just Treats!

Saturday Spankings Halloween

A Halloween Special Short Story for you!!!

Inspired by Edgar Allen Poe’s Annabelle Lee:
When love is so deep, a man will pursue any path to grant his beloved her greatest desire- even after she’s left the world of the living. Grief leads him to an old Colonial on the cliffs of Maine that holds a secret in its hearth- a secret that will bring peace to one beyond the grave. 
This story gives restless entities a voice, allowing others to hear their sorrow as they beg for absolution. It gives power to those whose cursed lives binds them in chains of sorrow and offers fresh hope to the hopeless.
But at what cost?

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Poor Sam! Not only does the brilliant, young lieutenant constantly find trouble every time she turns the corner, but now she faces a dilemma that leaves her in a quandary.

She’s face to face with a hot, dominant man who wants nothing more than to teach her what it feels like to be a woman, but he insists on honoring her family’s request to wait! 
When Sam discovers she can ‘converge’ with Richard much in the way she integrates with the cetaceans- and that she can insert a few ‘suggestions’ into the young man’s mind- she can’t help but experiment.
The result? Just say there aren’t enough cold showers in the world to stop the affects associated with her new-found power, nor are there pillows soft enough to make sitting more comfortable for Sam each time she’s busted!

Meanwhile, Michael’s romance with Teagan is quickly blossoming. He thinks she might even be the one- particularly when she admits to desiring a D&S relationship. Despite Sam’s warnings that fantasy is always better than reality, Teagan begins to test her boundaries with her strong alpha male boyfriend, and finds herself in a position that is NOT what she expected.


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Image result for no tricks just treats HAVE A SAFE AND FUN HALLOWEEN!!!

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  1. Got one of your free books and have been hooked ever since am surpoed to be finishing socks and quilts for Christmas but can not put your books down. Have now limited myself to buying one book a week till Christmas so I can get everything done. You are such a talented writer . Let me know if you would like a quilt

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