No License. No Sitting.

Hello lovelies,
So for those of you that have Doms, I have a question: What do they consider…serious offences? Bree committed one and is not happy about the consequence. The offence? Forgetting her wallet with her driver’s license, not once but TWICE. This is on my serious list, which means…a severe session. You see Bree is a Big with me, so she gets disciplined as such: brush, paddle, and cane. She’s not sitting at the moment, maybe tomorrow? LOL, good to be the Dom!
Be good or else….

4 thoughts on “No License. No Sitting.

  1. I’m thinking that I need to get a up to date serious offense list from my Dom. It’s easy to forget if you are hurrying out the door. The likelihood of getting stopped are zero to none and that’s the only time she would need it, sorta. Sorry Bree hope today your better.

    • I didn’t answer your question: serious offenses include- drinking, lying, speeding, texting and driving, endangering ourselves and/or others, running out of gas.

  2. Owies!!!!! Bree have you considered getting a little wallet thing that connects to your keys? That way you can keep Mr. Meanie happy about having your license with you. Luvs ❤

  3. Owie … poor Bree. What if she left an old license in her car? The numbers are the same. It shouldn’t be hard for them to look up. Just in case she were to forget again.

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