Nice or Not Nice


Hello lovelies,

I was pondering something the other day. As a Dom I try and keep balanced. By balanced I’m not being Mr. Meanie or de Sade but also not the super nice guy that lives inside 24/7.

Yes, he’s in there, come on cut me some slack it’s been awhile.

There is a strange phenomenon that I have discovered with subbies. They all have, on occasion complained that I’m too mean or too strict. So, being the compassionate Dom I am, I let the nice side show.

Big mistake…subbies don’t really want a nice Dom. They do want me to have empathy and be fair but they really want the strictness. The strictness they all fight so hard against. I have experienced this many times in fact, some subs flat out say, “Don’t be nice to me.”

I have to walk the line between not being nice and not being a jerk. And you all thought this was easy lol. I love all my subbies. My number 1 Bree, of course, does the very thing I’m talking about from time to time.

And you wonder why Doms are special kind of crazy?

Be good, or else…


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