New Release-Piper’s Journey Into Submission

We’re so happy to be kicking off our weekend by announcing the release of Piper’s Journey Into Submission. It’s hot off the presses and links will be added as they become available but you can currently purchase your copy over at Blushing Books with Amazon and Barnes and Noble to follow shortly. Don’t forget you can read a sample chapter if you’d like a little taste before one-clicking. Happy reading this weekend!


FOREWORD: There are very few ‘primers’ that are available to welcome and educate ‘newbies’ into the various aspects of the BDSM lifestyle. Instead of giving you, my readers, a dry and indifferent ‘how to’ book, I thought the explanations would be more enjoyable if I wrote about real people in a real situation. The actual characters (and several locations) in this book are fiction, but their lives, questions, experiences and situations are based on real life people and events. This is part 1 of Piper’s Journey…

Divorced and free, Piper Hillard decides to put as much distance between her ex-husband as she can. She moves to a small suburb of Portland Oregon to begin her new life with plans to get a job, finish collage and buy a house of her own. A chance meeting in a coffee shop with sports therapist, Jeoff Stevens, starts a chain of events that make Piper question everything she has ever believed. Jeoff encourages her to pursue her goals while lovingly introducing her to D&S, dominance and submission. He insists that her power and confidence will grow as she learns to let go of her control and submit her heart to him. But none of this makes sense to Piper! Why would a man putting her over his knee and spanking her bare bottom make her feel so safe and loved? How is obeying him any different from her having to obey her abusive- ex?

As her questions are answered, she discovers a part of herself that has been missing for years. Her trust grows, as does her ability to get into trouble. Did Jeoff really know what he was getting into when he claimed her as his primary submissive?



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