Needing Protection

To celebrate and simultaneously countdown to the release of Justice for Liberty each day we’ll share a new snippet along with a re-release for a special price. Today Protect and Correct will be 99 cents. Come back each day to get a peek at Liberty and one-click ’til your hearts content!

Justice for Liberty

“I told you it wasn’t a coyote,” one gruff voice said. “I’m not an idiot. I know how to count the number of legs.”

“Yeah, yeah.” She felt a hand gently shaking her shoulder. “Hey, sweetheart, you got yourself a nasty bump there. Can you open your eyes?”

“I don’t see anyone around. It looks like she’s alone,” the gruffer voice remarked.

“Of course she’s alone, you moron. We haven’t seen any sign of civilization for miles. Come on, girlie, we’re going to get you some help. Can you sit up?”

“No…” she forced a hoarse whisper. “Don’t take me back there. He’ll kill me.”

“Shush, we’ll take you the hospital. There’s one a few miles back down the road.”

“No! I need to get to Nevada! It’s an emergency. I have to go!”



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