Motivational Spankings

What do you think about motivational spankings? Daddy seems to think they are important. Personally, I am not so sure. I think I could live without them. Especially the day after being paddled and still wearing bruises from said paddling. What do you think? Do you get motivational spankings? I am thinking we should take a poll on here and maybe that could decide the verdict about whether I get them or not. What do you think? After the verdict is in, Bre can tell Daddy!

4 thoughts on “Motivational Spankings

  1. Hello, hon- I saw your comments! I am glad you wrote. I think morning AND evening motivational spankings is a really good idea! Starting tonight… Thanks for the input, baby girl. Love, Daddy

  2. I will try to post more often Pooky. You know, you could always ask Dev to take the reins more. Or tell him you want motivational spankings. Hey, I have an idea, you can have mine! Yea, that would work out just dandy. lol

  3. I only get punishment spankings and since Dev doesn’t read anything here, I think I can answer honestly.

    There are days when I just don’t know what is the matter or I start spiraling out of control and I wish he step up and just motivate me or reset me.

    It could be my own fault he doesn’t see because when he offers me an attitude ajustment or the like I of course wheedle my way out of it.

    When I wish he would just see what I need and take the reigns. grrr

    I confuse myself don’t worry….

    Nikki you should post more.

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