Mighty Bossy


Robotics engineer Dr. Kymberli Dalton is fed up with men. Period. After being betrayed by her most recent lover, she designs a robotic ‘toy’ based on the song; ‘Coin-Operated Boy’. This dreamy sex machine will be everything she wants: Lifelike, Overindulgent, Generous, Affectionate, and Nurturing. Most importantly, LOGAN will be hers and hers alone, able to fill every void in her life—and satisfy her hungry body.

Little does she know that the LOGAN A.I. program has its own agenda; it wants to become real and alive, and to serve her every need… which includes indulging in her secret fantasies.

Unfortunately, this ‘Pinocchio’ doesn’t have a magic Blue Fairy to turn him into a real boy, but he does have technology that allows him to step into her life as her perfect companion… with a strong dominant streak. True to the robotic law, LOGAN guards and protects her—whether Kymberli likes it or not—and that includes putting her over his strong, solid knee for bare-bottomed spankings… followed by unencumbered, breathtaking loving.

Logan’s protective love not only teaches him how to feel, but allows Kymmi to reconnect with her lost childhood and discover the joy of being a loved little girl…

Even though their secret is hidden in plain sight, the couple is soon faced with the biggest challenge they will ever have to confront. Will this unnatural love be allowed to continue? And if so, at what sacrifice?

Publisher’s Note: This book contains explicit sexual content involving machinery, anal play, spanking, dubious consent, bondage, minor BDSM themes, strong language, and graphic violence.

“The after Christmas sales bring out the gremlins that everyone has had to hide during the holidays, and I want to avoid that at all costs.”

“Gremlins? I don’t understand.”

“People aren’t very nice when they’re fighting each other to buy something on sale. Trust me, you don’t want to go out. Let’s just spend the day here and get to know each other better.” “I know everything about you. What more is there to know?” he asked.

“It’s an expression, Nimrod. Men!” she scoffed. “Even the perfect ones just don’t get it.”

“Then explain it to me. And why did you call me ‘Nimrod’? Isn’t that a reference to being a hunter?”

“It’s a social inference to… oh, never mind. Please, go back to sleep.”

I don t require much rest. Just enough to shift fuel to the storage cells. I do have this unusual discomfort in my abdomen, though. It feels as though there is something moving inside me,” he said.

“Really? That’s weird.”


“Hunger pains are associated with the digestive process. Your body will alert you to the need for fuel, but you should not be getting any physiological responses. Go eat, and then come back to bed and cuddle me.”

“You’re mighty bossy this morning aren’t you, little girl?”

“Aw, come on!” She immediately curled into a ball when he pulled the blankets away from her naked body and exposed her to the chilly air. “Turn up the heat, dammit! Hey!” She yelped as he delivered a brisk swat to her exposed left buttock.

“Do you want a real spanking to help you get moving? It’s time to get up.”

“You’re a major pain in the ass, you know that? I never get to sleep in.”

“No more swearing. You slept in for sixteen hours the other day, remember? We have things to do today, so meet me in the kitchen for breakfast. You have five minutes.”

Kym muttered several obscenities under her breath before dragging her body out of the warm bed. She threw on a robe and stumbled into the kitchen behind him. “What time is it?” she asked with a yawn, looking out of the windows at the still dark yard.



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