Memorial Day Weekend #SatSpanks

Before we dive into the spankings here and on all the other author sites over at Saturday Spankings Blog, everyone in the Hayse house would like to express a heartfelt thank you to every veteran, active duty soldier and individual in military uniform. Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do. 

Naked and Defiant

Naked and Defiant follows Griffon Badger, CEO of Badger-Clark Industries, and Jade Brockton, daughter of a powerful businessman, as they each discover themselves and their happiness. Griffon, recovering from his divorce, and Jade, caught in a dangerous situation, meet near the Tonga Islands. Their unfortunate circumstances force them to work together, sometimes with a little extra motivation applied to Jade’s backside.

Naked and Defiant

This scene is a continuation of the one featured on last week’s Saturday Spanks.

“You also need pain…physical pain…to make you feel alive.”

“That’s ridiculous,” she stuttered, backing away.

“When this mess is over, promise me that you will find a man who can fulfill these needs.  A true dominant who can take you to the very edge of reality and bring out the best in you.  You have something to offer the world.  Please promise me that you will find someone who can help you reach your potential.”

“I thought I found that someone, Griffon. The problem was,”she turned towards the path, “he was too caught up in the past to see what he could have in the present. I’ll be back.”


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  1. Happy Memorial day Thank you for your service I am very Proud and happy to know that not only are You and Sir great but you are also a part of my special family and it means so much to me You guys are the first that I have know that share both sides of what makes me whole you are truly The Best Enjoy your weekend make it great xoxo

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