Meeting Her Master is Officially Released!… And a Contest!


meeting her master

So happy on this fine Monday morning to announce that Meeting Her Master is available for sale on Amazon.  So what is it about?

Since her mother left her father and placed the blame on her, Dahlia
has been acting out. Now, at nineteen years old, her only goal in life
is to seek pleasure anywhere and any way she can find it, no matter
how high the cost to herself and those around her. Things show no sign
of changing for her… until the fateful night she meets a man who calls
himself Master Blake.Blake makes her a simple offer. He will give her experiences she has
only dreamed about. She will moan from the pain and the pleasure,
often both at the same time, and when he is through she will yearn for
more. Most important of all, he promises her that she will never be
pushed away or cast aside again. All he asks in return is her total
submission. Will she blow this chance at what she has always wanted,
or can she learn to call this man her master?

This is a hot book that you wont want to miss. Check out the first chapter for free on Amazon. Then come back and leave a message about what you think. We will pick a random winner of a free copy of the book on Wednesday! And if you repost on your blog or Facebook you get an extra entry. Just make sure you include a link to your re-post. Yay!  Have fun reading.
You can get the book here:
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