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Happy Saturday!! It’s that time again and we’re bringing you Liars and Tigers are Bared-Oh My! one last time. Word on the street is we could see King Dom Comes published as early as this weekend. We’re crossing our fingers that this is the case and of course that you’ll enjoy it. Keep checking back for updates! Head over to the Saturday Spankings Blog to see what all the other spanking authors have to share.

Liars and Tigers are Bared-Oh My!

A different meaning to the word ‘catty’! Highly independent, big cat expert Misha Miller finds herself being transferred – against her will – from field rescues to a private wildlife sanctuary owned by Alex Hodges. She meets her match when she discovers he won’t give in to her tantrums, and won’t hesitate to put her promptly over his knee for lying or putting her safety at risk.
 Alex discovers that Misha’s lies go much further than breaking promises – she has a dirty little secret that comes out the day he gives her a sculpture of The Danaid by Rodin as a gift. The hunt begins – Alex for Misha’s heart, and Misha for complete independence.
There is one problem, however: she is the surrogate mother to an infant tiger cub, and needs Alex, and his resources, to help her keep the cub as her own.
Misha is unexpectedly drawn into a new and different type of wilderness: one of bondage, domination and, quite shockingly, love. But is love enough for her to allow Alex to place a collar around her own neck in the form of a wedding ring? 

This scene continues from last week with Misha driving and playing around with Alex a little during a drive.

“You do?” Alex’s mouth fell open. “What did Jack say?”

“I love watching you take the bait,” Misha laughed, avoiding his question. “You should be in a good mood! You got the elephant settled in that gigantic reserve and Jack fixed the aircon in your office. Put away the grumpy, you’re going to have a blast.”

“I hope so. Do you promise to be a good girl and not try to provoke a fight with me today?”




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