Hello lovelies,

I do hope as you read this at least a few of you are red or at least have sore bottoms, which brings me to my post…marks pro or con?

Marks are inevitable, especially in a severe session. Redness is always a factor but marks can vary depending on the sub. Some subs mark easily, some not so much. Most of the subs I have sessioned with or trained say they like to see marks on their bottom, especially after a severe session. They feel if they are going to suffer that much pain they want something to show for it, lol.

Marks can vary as well. A heavy school paddle can bruise deeply, while a cane or rug beater will leave surface welts. Even leather can mark. In particular whips of various lengths and thicknesses. The thinner ones leave long thin welts while the heavier ones mark wider and deeper.

Some subs even like extreme marks, even to the point of blood being produced. I am not into that but different strokes…literally, lol. Also remember a Dom is not being cruel if you mark, it just means that is the result of your punishment for a particular behavior.

If any of you are looking for a Dom, one of the questions you need to ask is ‘Does he mark in a session?’, then you need to figure out if that’s what you want. A marking session is much more painful than a red bb one. Sometimes subs feel marks are a deterrent and avoid them at all costs. Others, as I have said, not only want them but need them to show that they indeed were really punished.

So lovelies where do you come down on the issue? Have you ever been really marked, not just red but bruised or welted? If so did you enjoy that feeling and that sight or not?


Anyway it was on my mind so thought I would get all your takes on this as I do love to hear from you. Marks may be in your future, so…

Be good, or else…


9 thoughts on “Marks

      • This really makes me giggle to be honest… But to be fair, I probably would not get drunk so much if I had a Dom. Is that strange? ‘Cause I don’t know, I kind of like it, so I wouldn’t stop myself, but maybe I’d tone it down for someone else. Also, I guess my arse would be on the line, or the pride that a Dom would have in me… I’d definately tone it down then, I think.

        Ps. I honestly think I’m quite hilarious, teehee! 🙂

          • So… I kind of feel like I should apologise…

            I apologise for having been rude. I realise you meant your warning, and you only warned me to protect me from myself. I’m very sorry for not taking it seriously. Please do accept my sincerest apology. I went out of line and I am ashamed of it. I’m sorry.


  1. If I have marks it means I have done something that could hurt me or it is a repeat offense usually three or more times I don’t like the marks for two reason one it means the session was extra painful But the other is I have disappointed my Love and that hurts worse then anything so ever time I see the marks I am remined and feel bad for letting him and myself down….It does help me behave longer

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