Man v. Machine

Hello lovelies,

I don’t know if you are aware but there are quite a few spanking machines out there. Yes, the old fantasy of having a machine to spank your subbie is a reality. I am not saying this is for lazy Doms, lol, just an addition.

The main perk here is for self spanking as there is one major problem with self spanking: arm fatigue. For the majority of you, your arm gives out way before you have spanked hard enough or long enough. Also, you will tend to back off the intensity when it really starts to sting. This is understandable as your sense of self-preservation kicks in. The beauty of the machine is that once its set and in motion it doesn’t let up or get softer as your bottom starts to sting and it never gets tired.

I do phone sessions with all my subs from time to time. I do this to keep the dynamic more personal and also to monitor the spanking. Since I can hear everything there is no way for my subs to cheat and go lighter than I want. If the machine is used it solves that problem and also makes the spanking more painful and intense.

The machine I have has controls for how often the stroke comes and how hard that stroke is. Once its set there is no escape and it’s almost like a true in person punishment. My machine on an 8 with a thin cane will elicit loud screams and nice marks. On a 10 it’s severe. Of course you can set it lower for a pleasure spanking but the real advantage is for punishment.

I have even tried a double caning with Bree. I let the machine give a stroke and as it was setting for the next I gave her one. She did not enjoy it nearly as much as I did.

Now there is the drawback of it being impersonal, after all it is a machine, but if the Dom orders the implement, the number of intensity and sets the timer it’s almost like he’s giving the spanking or paddling or caning etc. The subbie must stay in position or get some strokes in places she does not want them.

I am sure you are all online looking for your machine lol. I think all subbies should have one but that’s just me.

Be good, or else…


16 thoughts on “Man v. Machine

  1. The machine sounds good, but you were not nice to bree, ochy.. sir .
    I think I will put it on my wish list. But you are right about spanking your self, I tried it and had a nice tingling going, but stop after 10. Haha bebad. But it hard to give yourself punishment. I have set rewards when I do complete my goal for the day. Doesn’t work most of the time. Mmmm

  2. I am one that needs the personal touch. Punishment, reinforcement training, or as a prelude, it is vital for me to have that connection to make it meaningful and not psychologically hurtful. Do you speak to your subs or Bree as the machine is doing its job? How do you deal with that aspect of it?

    • Hello Alyssa, Yes I speak but sometimes I enjoy just setting it up and watching lol. Bree only got a few strokes to test it out never as an actual punishment.

  3. Oh, goodness. I think you’re off to a great start on those goals you mentioned last week.
    I’m both curious to try one and also slightly frightened, lol.

      • Just spent two hours looking at the different ones that are available. I really liked the idea of having it be controlled by either a hand held control or PC/internet. Not so sure about timed locking restraints. I immediately thought of them not unlocking our getting stuck. So many things to look at and explore.

        Are their any that you recommend or any design/type you recommend Sir? Both for self bondage and with a partner?

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