Making the Cut


Hello lovelies,

It is I, SJ of Domwood, here to regale you with tales of D/s adventures.

Sorry, kind of went to Sherwood Forrest for a sec .

Here’s something to ponder…What criteria do you have for a Dom? Now, this is not fantasyland. Some giant 7 foot roid ripped model with a billion dollars type thing, it’s the real deal. When you go out to meet a perspective dom, what do you look for as a definite Oh Yes!…and what for a definite Hasta Lasagna, don’t get any on ya exit.

Does he need to be tall? If so, how tall?

Great looking like a 9-10 or can a 5-7 still get you going?

I know if he sounds like an oompa loompa when he talks it’s probably not going to happen but, does he have to sound like James Earl Jones to control the empire?

What kind of shape? Ripped and huge?

I always find it interesting to hear from subbies about this and what really gets them going.

Fyi, Doms are pretty easy, a spankable bottom …done !!  lol. Think about it!

Until another fortnight dear maidens…man I need to stop reading about the Renaissance fair before I go to bed!

Be good, or else…


8 thoughts on “Making the Cut

  1. It’s all in the presence. I’m not in the lifestyle, but my man still needs to be self assured and emotionally strong enough to support me as I do him. Physically, my hubby is perfect for me. Taller than me is a must, tho that’s easy at 5’4″. Hubby is 6’1″, lean, construction muscle build. He has a beard that I never wanted until him. I do like a deeper voice, but I think it’s what he does with the voice that matters. Like I said, it’s all in the presence. He could be Mr. Perfect with the body and the voice, but if he doesn’t have the (sorry) balls to keep up with me or be strong for me, I’d rather have someone else.

  2. Physically fit. At my age buff is not what I’m looking for, but I want to feel like he could get me over his lap and make sure I stayed there if necessary. A good voice that can sound like he’s in charge or can be soothing or comforting. Taller than me. At 5’2″ that isn’t usually a problem. Hair or no hair – doesn’t matter. I like a bit of facial hair on a man, but not a ZZTop beard. Muscular forearms and wrists, hands cannot be softer than mine. Confident without being overbearing, financially secure, tolerant of others differences, creative in bed, able to push some of my boundaries, able to accept my help sometimes. I’m more of a blue jeans kind of person, but enjoy seeing a man in a suit once in a while.
    Deal breakers are lies,any sort of cruelty to others, not firm or consistent enough with rules and combovers.

  3. In reality, taller than me (5ft8″) and older, and at least a bit fit, since it shows personal care in some way. Dark hair is my general preference in men… And well, I do like suits. Oh, and originally from an English speaking country, or at least NOT from my own country or its neighbours! Very caring, able to read me. I’m not yet sexually active (at 19, my pride for being a virgin is starting to lessen with all the pressure around me 🙁 but it still is a very important thing to me) so I don’t want him to be desperate for sex, etc. I don’t want to have to worry about that matter.

    In fantasy… Michael Fassbender. Kind, caring, a sexual beast, but also very playful and huggable… <3

    But most importantly, someone who would never hurt my feelings and would never laugh at me for whatever. Someone I can trust.

  4. Physically…shaved head, tats, blue eyes, bit of facial hair and taller than me (5’5″). Oh wow… Just described my husband

    Emotionally…loving, dominant but sensitive, caring, knowing when I need to be reprimanded and when I need to be stopped and hugged. Forgiving and accepting of my quirks

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