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We have a brand new story to share today. It is tentatively named A Little Wish Upon A Star. It’s hopefully going to zoom through the editing process. Here is a little introduction to our little heroine Tabby. We’ll have much more to share in the near future. Don’t forget to see what the other authors are working on over at the WIP It Up Wednesdays Blog.

A Little Wish Upon A Star


Her hands trembled with hope as she slid the message, written with a purple crayon, into the glass soda bottle that she found outside the steps of the compound. It read:

If there is anybody out there who wants a little girl, please find me and take me home with you. I promise to be good.  Here’s my picture and a piece of my hair to help you know who I am.


Underneath the message, she drew a picture of a cat, whiskers and all.  It was the best one she had drawn and she hoped that someone up there, somewhere in the universe, would find her message and rescue her. She sealed it with a cork that the nice astronaut from NASA gave her and smiled gratefully when he lifted her up to the small pod so that she could put her message inside with her very own, tiny hands.

She smiled at the kind man who squeezed her shoulder with his big hand and together, they watched in silence as the vessel was launched into the star-studded sky.

“If you could touch one of those stars, which one would you chose?” he asked, kneeling by her side.

She pointed to a sparkling violet one in the middle of a dense cluster. “That one. Can you see it?”

“I do. It’s lovely. Why did you chose that one?”

She looked at him with an expression of gravity. “Because it’s purple.  A purple star has to be the very best of all of them.”

“How about you close your eyes and make a wish on it?”

“Let’s both make a wish. I know what mine is gonna be. How about yours?” Tabby asked.

“My wish would be that you will find everything you ever need to make you happy, little one.”

“You could take me home with you,” she suggested eagerly.

He hugged her and sighed. “I wish I could, baby. I truly wish I could. Let’s make our wishes on that star and see what happens, okay?”

Tabby nodded and squeeze her eyes shut, crossing her fingers and sent a wish upon that beautiful purple star with all the hope and power that is found only in the heart of a child…


Coming May 23rd

9 thoughts on “Make A Wish #WIPitUp Wednesday

  1. Tabby is simply adorable. Truly she has the heart of a child. Her note with the cute kitty on it is going to melt some strangers heart for sure. I agree that the purple star is indeed the best of them all. I’m eager for more of this. ☺

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