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Hello Lovelies,

I want to talk about something that will make things a little easier for your Doms (for a change lol). Doms range in skill, some are great at discipline, some scolding, some more mental than others, etc. But one thing your Doms cannot do…(unless he is an alien, lol)… is read your mind.

If something is a problem for you, especially a hard limit, tell him. Don’t think he can read you and know. Instead of getting mad, remember you did not say anything. So how would he know?

A Dom will respect your hard limits if he knows what they are, but don’t forget you have to tell him.

Trust me, even if it is hard or embarrassing, you’ll be much better off. Better that then a session going bad or even a nice day ruined over lack of communication.

Be good or else,



1 thought on “Look Into My Eyes

  1. I agree that communication is important. But I’m finding that some things I don’t know are problems/triggers until it happens. My Dom had no idea that the way he worded something was a trigger from my past. I didn’t either but I was in a storm of emotions. It took me awhile to understand what was happening. But what I should have done is tell him at the time it happened and not waited because he probably could have helped me get through it and helped me understand a lot quicker what was happening and why. It’s the same with anything, if we don’t tell him he doesn’t know and that’s not being fair to him. Like you said even if it’s hard or embarrassing it’s better to communicate with your Dom.

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