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Hello lovelies,

I trust you all had a great thanksgiving. Bree went beyond her usual amazing cooking and I ate myself into a tryptophan coma, lol.

Now it’s back to normal, or what passes for normal, around the Hayse household. I thought I would give you all an idea of what it’s like living with a best-selling author and not just that but an amazing crafter, sculptor, jewelry, painting, building miniature doll houses, weaving and last but not least having a beautiful singing voice. I mean come on, most of us would love to have just one of those talents right?

This is a typical day as a writer:

Morning, about 8 am, I usually make Bree coffee or tea and a couple of bagels. I let the borders out back.

I figure I will see Bree around 3, or so, when she takes a lunch break.

You see, she works on her books every day, no break and about 10 to 14 hours a day. She’s funny as she has an eidetic memory, like Sheldon on Big Bang. I ask her about a date we went on 10 years ago and she can name the place, time, what I was wearing and what the lady at table 3 was wearing but, I ask her what day it is and she says “Uh..Saturday?” when it is Tuesday lol.

Bree usually requires a spank break when she’s writing, especially if it’s a scene she is enjoying. So I do get to see her some during the day.

Sometimes we eat dinner. Sometimes Bree is on a roll and does not want to break her concentration and will just write. If Bree is on a roll writing, don’t ask her about paying a bill lol. Bad idea…really bad.

Now it does not end after a 10 hour day. Even when we go to bed her mind is racing. It’s not unusual for her to get up at about 2:30 am, start writing and continue until evening. This happens almost every day, how she functions on so little sleep is a mystery. I certainly could not.

That’s a typical day here. There are usually more spankings but as far as the other stuff, Dom’s honor, all true. I really don’t see her much during the day and into early evening!

Next time you read one of Bree’s books remember that’s a lot of hours she works on those, not to mention when she’s done she needs to edit. She’s pretty amazing, as you all have discovered.

Be good, or else…


4 thoughts on “Living with an Artist

  1. SJ

    From what I have read of Breanna’s books and the blogs, their is nothing typical about her. She is a great author that sets the bar high for other authors to try to achieve. The hours she invest in her books is quite evident. I have read all of her books except the dark series. I have enough dark in my own mind. I especially like the age play and the general daughter series. I look forward to reading more from her. Please don’t ever give up writing.

  2. This was a fun read. It’s lovely that you support her so sweetly. I’m a creative type and I know how much that support means to me. As for her strange, long hours, you can’t command creativity, it comes and goes on its own time frame. My creative side usually works best between 10p and 4a, so you just go with the flow.

    I cracked up at her being like Sheldon, imagining him talking about spanking and copulating. You two should do a live stream, I’d love to see you interacting with each other. I bet you’re a hoot. The genius and the Dom. Maybe a reality show?

  3. Thank you Jon for such a sweet glimpse of a favorite, talented author. The first book I purchased of Bree’s was Lost and Found on 8/1/12 and have been hooked ever since. When I finished that book I was on an instant search for anything she wrote (next reading Serendipity and the Game Plans etc). Bree never disappoints… I have received several strange looks if I’m reading one of her stories in public (like on the train, or in the break room at work) because I often find myself literally bursting into laughter or having a tear roll down my cheek.
    Please give her extra hugs and spanks for all of her dedication and hard work!
    And Thank You Bree for continually sharing your gifts and talents with the world.. Your amazing!

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