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We are continuing our snippet from last week with the first in the series, The Paddle Closet: Beauty and the Beast. We’re also nearing the end of our giveaway so if you haven’t entered be sure you do ASAP. Make sure you check out all the authors over at the Saturday Spankings Blog.

The Paddle Closet: Beauty and the Beast

“Little you know what this rose has cost”

What would happen if you fell asleep while reading a book and awoke to find that your life was no longer yours? Or that the story didn’t exactly follow the words written on the pages?

An ancient curse is set upon the shelves where first editions of classic books are lovingly nestled in a secured cedar room known as the Paddle Closet. But, like most works of fiction, there is always more than meets the eye. Lost, lonely, miserable and unhappy souls are drawn to this place to find refuge in the joy of a simple story—as long as they stay awake.


Unknown to Mirabelle Villeneuve, the great-granddaughter of the author of Beauty and the Beast, her husband has a secret. He struck a deal with the Archdruid that if he is given the perfect woman as his wife, he will sacrifice five of his greatest treasures- fame, fortune, family, fairness, and future. Little did he know that this deal would end up costing him and Belle their only daughter, Gabby.

Distraught, Belle seeks solace in her grandmother’s book. Despite the warning of Patrick, an old friend, she falls asleep while reading the handwritten volume; only to awaken as a living character in a page of the story. She learns that the only way home is to find her true love, but also discovers that all memory of her past- and the story’s contents- fade away.

Plagued by guilt for his selfishness and lack of trust, Adam offers the ultimate sacrifice—his life. Instead of death, he is transported to the time and place of the story as the Beast. His punishment for his deeds begins with his memory remaining intact and the warning that to reveal the truth to Belle would cost her life. He also is told that the only way to save her is to help her in find her one true love—even if it isn’t him.

The Paddle Closet is about new beginnings, the power of love, the consequence of deceit, taking risks and forgiveness—toward others and oneself. It twists fairytales to a level never seen before, each one unique, unexpected and unexplored.

Just remember that once the story is finished, the book will return to the shelves—
WITH or WITHOUT its reader…

Publishers Note: This book contains elements of spanking of adult women, explicit sexual scenes and other such items of enjoyment.

Belle snorted, twisting to look at him. “What fly? Is there a fly? I haven’t noticed.”

Momentarily stunned, the Beast’s paw hovered over her wiggling behind. She was not only enjoying the spanking but was pushing him for more! With a growl, he lifted the top layer of her skirts and spanked her three more times.

“Please let me know when you decide to awaken from your nap,” she retorted.

“You little vixen!”  The remaining layers of clothing were lifted to expose her bare bottom. The slaps that landed upon her flesh sounded like cracks of thunder in the grand foyer. Her laughter shifted to genuine squeals of pain.

“That hurts!”

“Spankings are supposed to hurt.”

4 thoughts on “Little Vixen #SatSpanks

  1. Hi! I’m filling in for Kathryn today as host of SatSpanks! Silly Belle, she should know better than to make fun of the man (or Beast) in this case, when she’s over his lap. I hope her spanking doesn’t get too severe.

    • Welcome and thanks for helping out Kathryn! As for severe, I think she is doing a little provoking. As they say… be careful what you wish for!

  2. I cannot believe how beautifully you two ladies have done this book. It touched so many places in my heart. I saw so much hurt and you turned it completly around into a wonderful love. I wish the world was more like your book. It would a much better place. Thank you for writing such a wonderful touching book rendition of my favorite movie ever.

    • Thank you so very very much. We, too, wish the world was more like this book- it needs that type of love. Again, thank you so much. Luvs, B

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