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We’re so happy to be apart of the WIP It Up Blog Hop again this week. Over at the WIP It Up Wednesday Blog, myself and the other authors get to share with you bits and pieces of their works in progress. Small but yummy glimpses into the future of your kindle! We can’t wait to see what everyone has been writing as I know I’ve been busy writing, writing and writing. I’m so excited to give you the first peak at Little Lady Jane. She is on it’s way to the editor soon so we don’t have an official blurb to share but I can tell you it is set in the Victorian era, expresses some exotic tastes, it has elements of ageplay, of course spankings and was a load of fun to research and write!

Little Lady Jane

Jane rushed down the street with her cloak clutched tightly around her shivering body, pausing only to peak around a corner to ensure that one of Philip’s hounds were not sniffing at her heels. She shuddered, knowing that he would be livid if he discovered the defiance of his ward- and future wife. To say she would receive the spanking of her life would be an understatement of what he would do should he find out that she was sneaking off to the forbidden hot mineral baths of Epsom. It was bad enough that he treated her as though she were a willful youth and forced her address him as Papa now, but to keep her hidden from other eyes was despicable!

She had left the old, white swing swaying in the rain as she slipped passed it this evening. The swing that still, even after all these years, had brought peace to her heart. He had built it for her, many years ago when she was just a little girl. How things had changed since those times! Back then, she felt cherished and wanted, and on the days that he would stick sprigs of jasmine in her long, red hair, she would even feel pretty. Not so much, now- not in any accord.

Sadly, it was the bathhouse that she turned to for comfort these days. It was a place that her unusual beauty and blossoming womanhood was admired and openly accepted. She desperately wished it had been Philip who took positive notice of the changes in her appearance. Instead, he scowled at them and continued to treat her as a child to be pacified with little gifts and sweets. And, like a child, he expected her to be mindfully obedient and respectful of both his rules, and his title of Marquis.

She trusted that if Philip discovered her secret rendezvous, he would be furious. In her heart, Jane knew that his protests were based on something more than conservative animosity against the intimacy of the bathhouse. The blunt comment that he trusted no man to look upon her without being concerned for her virtue and her safety, and the rule forbidding her to leave the manor without his permission, spoke volumes. It was apparent that he was jealous. But why?

Jane simmered as she considered Philip’s behavior towards her. He was a man of the world- handsome, wealthy and exceedingly intolerable. The Marquis de Courtier ‘dabbled’ in exotic trade and traveled to discover new and unique art, spices, and ‘personal’ skills to introduce into the British high society. He had never shown romantic interest in her- not even when she changed from a clumsy and spindly legged little girl to a shapely, full breasted young woman of exceptional, and unique, beauty.

When he was home, he had her dress in childish frocks, kept her hair in pigtails, and had her address him as ‘papa’; however, her budding maturity could not be diminished. It was not as though she hated being his little girl; in fact, that was when she enjoyed the time spent with him the most. Those moments were carefree and filled with laughter and genuine affection. No, she hated that he refused to recognize and acknowledge her as a grown woman who needed as much, if not more, attention than the rambunctious child of the past.

How did her life come to this moment? She pondered as she ran through the icy rain towards the forbidden destination. Philip had departed on his most recent trip to India six weeks ago and Jane, angry and hurt by the events that led to up to his leaving, snatched the opportunity to defy every instruction left to her. She refused to eat her vegetables, stayed up well past the bedtime designated for her, snuck into the woods for hours at a time to read books ransacked from Philip’s personal library. She had even stolen a book that she found hidden behind a shelf, one filled with racy pictures and written in Sanskrit. No doubt existed that the staff would tattle on her but, in the meantime, she was free! Free of rules, free of consequences, and free of him!


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  1. I’m really curious to see where this is going. Breaking every single rule is definitely not the way to earn freedom. I look forward to it.

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