King Dom Comes Cover Reveal

King Dom Comes is well on its way and we’re one large step closer with this beautiful cover from Blushing Books.


Unbeknownst to the tiny village in Ireland, Shannon McCleary has a special gift – one that most people do not want to see. She is a Banshee, a caller of death. At the age of eight, she finds herself in a convent run by the Sisterhood of Truth – druids who specialize in the magical arts. The sisters have been commissioned by her surrogate father, King Malkai, to train her to control her gifts and raise her to be the future Queen of Moldavia – by wedding his son, Domitri.

After the king tragically passes away, his son sets out on a journey with his devoted men-at-arms to retrieve his betrothed. Unbeknownst to Shannon, Dom also has a gift: persuasion – through both magic, and the palm of his hand.  Shannon’s Irish temper and independent nature, coupled with the rebellious and uncontrolled banshee spirit, are no match for her future husband, and she soon finds herself over his knee and bared for several sessions of his own version of royal disciplinary action.

Persuasion also works in Shannon’s favor as her body is introduced to pleasure – and some very unusual surprises; including an evening with Mistress Aida; a seductress with a gift of her own. From this best selling multi-genre number 1 author comes a unique and original medieval adventure that no one in the year 1350 saw coming!

Whatcha think??

2 thoughts on “King Dom Comes Cover Reveal

  1. Love the cover. It is beautiful. I have to tell you that when you started blogging about this book for some reason I thought it was either written by your husband or about him. I think it was the title. Now that I’ve seen the cover and really read the blurb I can see it is not about Sir John. LOL

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