Keep Hidden

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Blood covered her hands. There was no turning back now that he was dead. Finally. She had lost count of the number of years that she had undergone his unspeakable abuse and cowed to his every depraved fancy just to survive to see another day. The terrors she faced had pushed her to the edge of desperation and sanity, but now she was free of him forever. Her future concern was only of one entity and a single pursuer—the New World System. It was only a minor thought for now; one that trickled in the back of her mind like an annoying drip of water plucking against a metal sink. Nothing the System could do would ever compare to the horrors he had subjected her to. Nothing

Eventually, her crime would catch up to her, but for the moment, she would do her best to cover her tracks and remove herself as far from this hellhole as humanly possible. Looking around at the sparse furnishings of the mansion, she implemented her long conceived plan to make his death appear as though it had occurred by his own hands while in a drunken stupor. The man’s servants would find the charred remains of the house, conclude that he had finally fallen due to his own carelessness, and hopefully assume that she had expired with him. She was certain that they were fooled regarding her devotion to their master after she had taken great pains to give the appearance of consent and eagerness while playing his sordid games. Her thoughts drifted back to the System—would she be worth the time and expense to hunt down and punish? It all depended on how much the officials, or whoever he had held in his pocket, needed him. For all she knew, his death might be embraced by the others, but she couldn’t take that chance. Her life, and her freedom, depended on keeping hidden in the shadows.

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