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I am so pleased to announce that my brand new book The Reformer is available for sale starting right now on Amazon and soon to come on Blushing. So head on over and check it out. I think you are going to really love this story. It is super hot! So please check it out and as always, thank you so much for your support. I really think you will love this book as much as my other books and I hope you will leave feedback. Thanks!!!


Luvs, Bree


The Reformer

Since the day she arrived in England as a refugee from her Russian homeland, Aryanna has been caught in a system of abuse and corruption. She is eventually sent to an academy for troubled young women, where she quickly falls foul of the harsh and mean-spirited headmistress. When Aryanna hears that as a last resort she is to be sent to the home of a reformer for training, she is terrified. According to everything she has been told, they are men to be feared.

Lord Ryan Remington, a second generation reformer and a modern-minded man by the standards of 1906, is deeply moved when he learns of the abuse that the sweet and kind-hearted Aryanna has suffered, and Aryanna soon discovers that reformation is not exactly what she expected. As Lord Ryan’s nurturing strength—and occasional bare bottom spankings—bring her to a place of comfort and happiness, she begins to have much deeper feelings for her reformer.

Meanwhile, Aryanna’s previous abuse by Headmistress Eliza Woods is brought to the attention of Ryan’s parents, the Lord Gerald Remington and his feisty wife Brigit. They are determined to alter the direction of the academy which is funded by their patronage, and Eliza finds herself required to submit to them for reform. Her stubborn and arrogant attitude forces Gerard to take Eliza back to the beginning so that she might be reshaped. To her horror, she is dressed in a child’s clothes, spanked, and sent to bed in a nursery! And that is just the beginning…

Publisher’s Note: The Reformer is an erotic novel that includes both consensual and non-consensual spankings, anal play, graphic sexual scenes, exhibitionism, age play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

2 thoughts on “Just Released on Amazon & Bushing Books ~ The Reformer!

  1. Congratulations!!! I just went and got it on amazon! Can’t wait to read…thinking of staying up and reading tonight even though not responsible thing to do. I was all caught up on yir books and now I have few new ones by you waiting on my kindle!

  2. Very good!! Of course, my chores suffered from reading this from start to finish. But I still have time to get stuff done 🙂

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