Just Released: Blindfolded by Breanna Hayse on Amazon

Blindfolded is officially released! It is available on Amazon. If you don’t know what its about… You are in for a real treat. This is one hot little number.


Regan Cooper’s entire existence is focused on living vicariously through the characters she creates as a best-selling erotic romance author. She lives alone and unseen in a cabin high in the mountains, interacting with the world purely through cyberspace. Then one night as she celebrates another best-seller with a bottle of wine, alone as usual, her life is turned upside down in an instant when she finds herself restrained, blindfolded, and kidnapped by someone she can only assume to be an obsessed fan.

The man calls himself Master Jay, and he knows everything about the terrified woman he holds prisoner. He promises Regan that no harm will come to her, and informs her that he is going to introduce her to the fantasies that she has written about in her books. Bound, stripped bare, and blindfolded, she has no choice but to submit to his desires, but as time passes she is shocked to find that her will to flee is being replaced by a powerful need to be his. Naked and vulnerable, yet aroused in a way she could never have imagined, she waits with a mix of wonder and trepidation for all of the pleasure and pain and shame and excitement that her new master intends for her to experience.

When he offers her the opportunity for a real adventure that she can call her own—one not experienced by any of her characters—she must decide whether she has learned to trust him, and herself, enough to indulge. Will Regan take a bold plunge into the unknown, or will she forever be the outsider looking in, afraid to see life outside of her vivid imagination.



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8 thoughts on “Just Released: Blindfolded by Breanna Hayse on Amazon

  1. So far the feedback has been great on Blindfolded. Which is wonderful! But, if you have read it can you please leave feedback on Amazon? It is a really important thing for the authors. Not only does it encourage other people to buy the book, it gives insightful information about the book and what we are doing right-or wrong. SO please leave feedback! Thanks

    luv Nikki

  2. What’s good about insomnia? Finishing two more of your books! What’s bad? Drinking 3 huge red bulls to get through my caseload! My secretary called me a hyper active gnat with ADHD LOL!

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