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Hello Lovelies,

Apologies for the hiatus- but lots of stuff going on. So, for those of you who’ve read Bree’s most recent newsletter with her new release- we have a new addition to the family. Well, we HAD a new addition…I need to preface this post with the truth that I’m angry and hurt by what I’ve seen in the author community that she had loved so much. Bullies have been allowed to flourish because wanna-be authors falsely believed these horrible individuals were powerful enough to make them famous (rather than learn how to write)- several of these wanna-be’s had even spent time in our home, lied to their spouses and families, and used me as a Dom.

Contrary to what some idiots online think (the cowards know exactly who they are and have actively bullied Bree-even to the point of sending a letter demanding that she commit suicide), she’s had severe kidney problems for three solid years. It’s been nonstop ongoing stones, chronic infections, unbelievable pain, even MRSA with sepsis.When the kidney function finally stopped, the docs made the tough decision to take it out.

On November 2nd-  Bree delivered a new (although temporary) family member. It was kind of the Benjamin Buttons of kidneys- born fully grown (and the size of a soccer ball) via Da Vinci Robot and a ten inch incision. Now the beast has gone to kidney hell and good riddance!We’re so glad it’s over and Bree is doing well (taking advantage of the down time and writing like a machine).

What saddens and angers me most is that all this time, the bullies (many who claimed to be friends and used her for self-gain) rejoiced in her pain and suffering. They also did all they could to sabotage her career- and spread lies that made Tokyo Rose’s propaganda look like a kindergartener’s.

I’m grateful that my kick-ass wife stood against them and none of the fools had the power to harm her. I’m also grateful that a reader saw the ugliness and investigated- and had the guts to publish the truth despite the publisher’s repeated threats to sue her! All the horrendous comments, the death wish by ‘Author Amy,’ and lies are there for public viewing on Literary Bully and Troll Busters. There’s so much more- and is going to be part of a new book that Bree’s agent is pitching to a hug publisher.

Silver linings, right?

I sincerely pray that anyone who’s supported these people never undergoes the pain they’ve put our family through. I also pray that those who do presently support these people be prepared for when karma returns to haunt them. Some have approached Bree and apologized- Bree’s capacity for forgiveness shocked me, but then- that’s who she is.

So, yeah, I’m angry that women like these are allowed to continue- and that publishers/publicists/authors who know what they’ve done have chosen money over humanity. They, too, will be facing karma.

One more thing- I wanted to make a list of all these people and the companies who supported and encourage their lies. Bree said no- why? Because she wanted to give them the chance to make things right and undo the damage they’ve caused to so many before they destroy themselves. I don’t know how she does it, but she provides an example of love that I could only dream of.

Be good or else,


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  1. I don’t know how I missed this in Nov. but I see it now. What I already knew and what I continue to find out makes me very angry. I have to choose my words wisely for various reasons but I think its horrible the way “people” have treated John and Bree. So called “authors, readers, friends” took advantage of their kindness, forgiveness and love they both showed time and time again. To kick them while their down, condemn John for loving and doing his best to give Bree the medical help she needed, to tell Bree to commit suicide, etc are actions from only heartless, self absorbed, evil people and that description is putting it mildly, I have other words. I know John and Bree and they are who they say they are, to watch them as a couple is amazing I take it all in when possible, as individuals they are just as amazing. I’m thankful that all has been documented and made public showing exactly what these bullies have done. If you are still on the fence not knowing what to believe, read the documentations mentioned above (from Dawn), read Bree’s books, read her blog, read about her and John there will be no doubt how amazing they are and that Bree is one amazing author.

  2. Thank you all for showing your love and support! I can personally testify… Breanna and Sir John are truly an amazing couple. John’s love for Breanna runs through his veins, and he does his best for her. I too was ‘just a reader/fan” when Bree got so sick 3 years ago, and DIED… (yes, she coded twice at that time, which I later learned) that was when I saw John’s post and the gofundme link. Just so you all know, John was harassed and condemned by the publisher for that “embarrassment” (as they called it).
    The publisher sent out several emails and messages on FB condemning John and his actions, knowing full well that they (both Bree and John) had just shortly before this happened, turned their lives upside down, took a huge leap of faith and accepted a proposed offer for Bree to write full time for them.
    What her former publisher and it minions did to both of them at that time, and sadly have continued for 3 years is beyond comprehension! It wasn’t until almost a year after the first hospitalization that I even got wind or understanding regarding what had been happening all that time in the background. WHY??? Simple… even as these “authors” were doing their best to destroy Breanna Hayse, with vicious lies, malicious allegations, and outright harassment, Bree never once posted about the hell they were going through, mainly because that is not the person she is… never has been. She really is kind and forgiving… as I say, to a fault. <3
    So please do understand… I created the Bully page to document what I could find, mainly from other pages and conversations of others to document the whole truth, including the false accusation of plagiarism that they all shared to destroy Bree and her fan base. Afterall, who would ever support a plagiarizer??
    Now, if there are any who still think or believe any negative rumor they have heard/read…. I am here to tell you, it's far from the truth, and any who have said/shared those false accusations… Shame be on them.

  3. I only just stumbled upon your site, and what I would like to say is that your are a remarkable human being, a solid couple and role models, and a strong Dom being just one facet of what I have seen. I am glad that Bree is recovering. Her strength at forgiveness is a testament to both of you. The ability to forgive frees ones own soul but that high road is sure lonely at times. Many good thoughts for continued physical and emotional recovery.

  4. So sorry to read about all horrific things that has been going on . I hope for a huge turnaround and more than silver lining rather gold linings! Love and hugs from Sweden

  5. Another reader here. Bree is most definitely a better woman than I to forgive. I’m glad she has you in her corner and that you securely have her back. Sending thoughts for a healed body.

  6. After reading this I am so sad love your books when you got sick I followed your husband post to make sure how you were doing. Hope this surgery helps. (Just a reader)

  7. I had no idea this was happening. I love Brea’s books and am “reader only, no author”
    Karma yes i hope it kicks them hard. Cant let bullies win
    Glad her health is better

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