Is it or Isn’t it

Hello lovelies,

I trust you all had a suitably creepy Halloween and if you’re like Bree, got lots of CANDY!!!!!
I was discussing an interesting subject with one of my subbies, she was asking “how do I know if I am in sub space?”

A good question and the simple answer is you will know when you’re in it. That doesn’t tell you much so let me try and clarify.

Hey good rhyme, ok I have wasted enough time, oh man I am on a roll! I digress…

This particular subbie had gotten spanked by someone and she was just spent after. Not really talking and just laying over his knee. He told her it was subspace.

Buzz. Sorry, wrong, but thanks for playing.

For those of you fortunate enough to have experienced sub space you know what I am talking about. For those of you who have not, let me give you some idea. Put simply subspace is bliss. Its a feeling that you do not want to ever come down from. Its a high but not an artificial high, it comes from deep within your being.

I know this sounds hippy dippy to a lot of you but just put on your tye-dyed shirts and listen. A sub space experience is like you’re floating but you feel totally safe and any pain that is being applied you do not register it as such. It’s more of a warm sensual massage that just lets you drift off into your own world.

It’s very unusual that you would be able to speak as any interruption in the experience can throw you out.

Its not like this subbies experience where you’re just tired and lay there after a spanking. That’s not even close and usually it takes a while.

A Dom needs to know what he’s doing to get you there. Its a slow build and has to be done correctly. It usually takes 45 mins to an hour to finally achieve the feeling but once there you will know.

It can also last for quite a while after the session. You can have a big drop once you come down which is why the Dom needs to be nearby to talk you through it and be there for you, maybe to hold you or just be close, all subbies are different.

I guess the easier way to say it is if it feels like something you have had before its probably not sub space.

I can tell you this, once you have been there you definately will want to visit a lot. My sincere hope is you all get there at least once.

Be good, or else…

16 thoughts on “Is it or Isn’t it

  1. After experiencing both of these, I am glad I can now tell the difference. Subspace is very relaxing and this unexplainable feeling of peace. I hope to go there again. Lol

  2. I’m too scientifically set-up to simply accept it like that. There is always a chemical mechanism behind these kind of things. When that is proven, I can accept the concept.

  3. Hi sir..
    Awesome posted. Be single and do everything I find the right person, this is out.. haha.. one question sir, is this what every submissive want all the time or is it special times?

    • understood Joanna, buts thats a different thing .Thats being proud that you pleased your dom and he noticed, sub space is his way of showing you how much he cares

  4. Interesting SJ. Is it safe to assume the subbie would know if she’s there/been there more so than the Dom? Even though I’ve heard a similar spiel, I still say I’ve never been able to get there but there’s always next time.

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