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It seems we have a bit if a theme going with the last few posts so I wanted to keep it going a little bit. In Pipers Journey Into Submission Piper is introduced to several aspects of Jeoff’s lifestyle throughout the book. Spankings are discussed (and applied) but he also has several conversations with her regarding D/s, Age Play and the varying rules and dynamics they entail.

You can read a little bit about my introduction to the lifestyle over on the John and Bree page and hopefully in the next few posts John will be kind enough to share how he was introduced into certain aspects of the lifestyle. I think while everyone has a different introduction to the lifestyle, a lot of the feelings associated with that knowledge and exploration are similar. Either way you slice it learning new things and doing new things is often difficult, particularly those that force you to be open with yourself and others. Everyone’s thought process and how they handle the information is always going to be different but there seems to be a lot of similarities that come with being new in the lifestyle. I’ve noticed there’s a lot of self doubt, questioning, fear of failure…What if I can’t do it? What if I’m not a good submissive? What if I’m weird for liking this? The good news…it’s all normal so just keep learning and exploring.


Here’s a snippet of Jeoff introducing the subject of age play to Piper.

“Payback, brat. I am also interested in AP, but have not found my Little yet. I suspect that might be an area you are heading for from the things you have said, and your reactions to certain events.”

“What the hell is AP? And, why would you think I am heading anywhere? I am just curious, damn it.”

“Sit still,” he said sternly as she began to fidget. “I know this makes you uncomfortable, but you are the one who brought it up. There is no reason to be defensive. Oh yes, and one more thing. I am not going to warn you about your swearing again, either. It is not acceptable. Understood?”

“Yes,” Piper whispered, looking down at the table and feeling abashed. “It’s not fair, though. You swear sometimes.”

“I know I do, but I am responsible for being a good example, so it is something I have to work on. That does not give you leave to do it anytime you feel like it, or that you are absolved of the consequences. My girls call D&S a ‘consensual dictatorship’.”

“That is SO not fair,” Piper repeated.

“Nope, it sure isn’t,” Jeoff patted her hand. He continued, “AP stand for age-play, and it involves the voluntary and conscious reversion back to a time where adult decisions and responsibilities did not exist.”

“That sounds more like regression. Is it like role playing?”

“Role playing implies a game and, for some people, that it all it is. For others, it is much more serious. I use the term reversion because it takes the ability to reclaim and embrace the inner child, while regression implies falling back without purpose or thought. The reversion for a real APer is serious, and they often revert to the time when they felt a loss of control or their innocence was marred. They permit themselves to behave in a manner appropriate for that age group and learn what it is like to be a child that is loved, wanted, and cared for. The entire focus is to achieve trust, love, and a true sense of caring.”


How were you introduced to the lifestyle (D/s, Spankings, Age Play, BDSM, etc.)? Do you think it changed how you approached the lifestyle? Did you jump in with both feet or is slow and steady more your pace?


4 thoughts on “Introductions to the Lifestyle

  1. I think there are many more people (men and women) wishing/dreaming we Could live this lifestyle, and kinda envy those who really do Live (not just play) it. 🙁 However there is so much misunderstanding, judgment and lack of trust, experience and knowledge that most of us will never try, or take the chance.
    Age play has become one of my favorites, beginning with Game Plan, Lost and Found (the list would go on and on now) and then finding so many other similar stories I realized that has been an underlying wish/fantasy that always been a part of me for a long time….. and for a while was thinking I must be really odd.
    I mean… so many of us would love to (in our minds at least) go back to being taken care of, cherished, loved, and be held accountable in a loving way with out the stress of the ‘real world’ life, even for just a day!!
    Pipers Journey puts so many of our questions and thoughts on paper, and then gives us answers!! Wow, what a concept! Its such a great story, with underlying lessons and education! Outstanding Ms. Hayse, I have never looked so forward to ‘winter’ as I wait for part 2!

  2. Via online roleplay. Just reading about it though, not actually living any of it… Being naughty is way too good for now… 😉

  3. I do not live the lifestyle I just read about it. The Age-Play style I was a little leary of at first when I started reading The Game Plan but by the end of the book age-play is my favorite style. When I was 6 I was sexually abused by my step father and since then I have never trusted men not even my husband of 13 years. The healing portrayed in that book really helped me understand age-play and its benefits. It even helped me to trust my teenage daughters cheer coaches. She has two male coaches and there is a lot of innocent touching when she is tumbling and stunting. I can now watch her practice with getting nervous. With my husband I will never experience this life style but would love to try and then I could sleep with my teddy bears again.

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