In Position, NOT ready to go…



Hey Guys!  Not a happy Bree today…. JUSTICE is being meted out and HE (aka Mr. Meanie aka SJ aka Sir Spanksalot) is making me write this.

I started my new schedule and, with that, i think I left my brain in my nursing bag somewhere between a patient’s home and my own. I forgot my wallet. Ok, but here is the deal! John made me go couch shopping with him, during the day… you know, sunlight…. I am a night nurse. I burst into flames when the sun comes up. No matter to him, though. I had to transfer my stuff from my nursing gear to a regular purse (not really regular because all my purses and bags are Vera Bradley) to go with him. Then, two days later, I had to work. Soooo, naturally, I left the bag with my wallet in it at home, instead of in the car which I have done for YEARS.

See my dilemma? This is HIS fault, not mine.

He does not care… So, at 4:00 today, I have been ORDERED to be in the punishment room in position, waiting for him. That means… BB, bottoms up and silent.

NOT FAIR!!! Tell him!!!!!



37 thoughts on “In Position, NOT ready to go…

  1. Isabella LOL I think that’s Ginkgo Biloba or maybe we can call it…”take your sense of self preservation pills”!! 😉

  2. Pleade temporary insanity due to his omnipresence distracting you to such a degree that you couldn’t phrase the sentence quite right 🙂

    • My evil twin was visiting and wrote something using my name. She is such a brat. Actually I had no idea that it was disrespectful.

  3. See, I never would have thought to say that. I just know I sat up straighter in my chair and I’m pretty sure there was some background music going on. You know, like “Hail to the Chief” when the president enters a room.

  4. Maybe we need a site that he can’t read. I think I would be in a lot of trouble if SJ knew how to find me. I hope he doesn’t kick me off of here cause I don’t know the rules. Guidelines would be helpful. How do the rest of you know what you can and can’t say? Help me!

  5. Isabella,
    Yes, I feel them and I’m not sure how to respond cause I don’t even know which post got me in trouble. I’m thinking I can just lay low for a while and maybe he’ll forget. Wish me luck.

  6. Iwant you all to know i would never punish bree unless she is totally well which looks like sun. No disrespect taken however, gigi and i may have to have a little talk

  7. well i certainly appreciate all of your comments however…there is only one top here and its not any of you ..Bree had ample warning and will pay the price for not paying attention the way, she will also be getting a sound spanking for her sassy post about her upcoming punishment. I think thats a lesson you all should heed when posting be good or else SJ

  8. yea, Bre had really bad migraine that lasted for a few days. She is feeling better but had to work her night job last night. SJ is just being his normal butthead self. Just kidding! lol he has just been busy but he should be on soon.

  9. Nikki,
    Is everything ok with Bree and SJ? They haven’t been heard from for a while. Hope they’re just really busy and Bree is feeling better.

  10. I need to think before I post. It sounds like you’ve had a bad day and probably don’t need to hear an argument just for the fun of it. Do you want to just ignore my last post? Thanks.

    • I agree with you Gigi. Maybe we should wait until he’s gotten some rest and is feeling better. Never nice to kick a guy when he’s down. As for you Bree, I know from experience that migraine’s are HORRIBLE! Hope you feel better.

  11. I think you’re looking at “worse case scenario” here. I had misplaced my license and when I got pulled over the state trooper told me it was at the sheriff’s office and let me go with no warning or any paperwork at all. Don’t you think that possibility should be taken into account?

  12. oh my little lovlies ..evidently you are not seeing the problem .Bree drove with no id ..if stopped its at least a 400 dollar fine here at best at worst….impound car 1000, bail about 500 , loss of work days court etc…Bree still has a headache so she has not gotten what she deserves yet….She will be posting when she has …. if she had only misplaced her wallet then found it, no big deal…This was much more serious ..SJ

    • I’m in your state sir and police officers are very understanding when pulled over or have been for me about 6 weeks ago. If you know license numerous they give a warning. Migraines are horrible hope she feels better.

  13. I think you jinxed me I ran out tonight because had overwhelming craving for sugar & when I got to the store no wallet (just got home from a trip do I realized where it was raced home to grab it & go out to grab much needed candy) while I occasional do forget it when I switch purses which is almost a daily thing for me I dot are how it is so bad other than a minor incovience. But learn your cc # my heart & at your local shops no big deal. Nowadays they just smile at my dry cleaners & let me punch in my own cc digits. Now if onl the sugar wouldn’t keep me awake.

  14. Sounds a little harsh to me for such an honest mistake. I’ve been known to accidently leave my debit card in my Hallmark smock. Luckily I had my checkbook when I realized I had done it while standing at the Wal Mart checkout!!!

  15. Maybe there is something in the air. I forgot my wallet Friday. It was on my desk where I left it after entering receipts in the checkbook. Discovered it when we go to Arby’s. Luckily, I wasn’t driving and dh just paid thankfully.

  16. Bree, I can not be of any help on this one as I had a wallet issue myself last week. I left my own Mr. Meanie standing at the checkout with groceries loaded and me no wallet. It was in the floorboard of my car, but I still had to take time go get it and apologize for holding up the line. I have been warned and know what to expect if it happens again. Sorry sweetie. Good luck.

  17. Unofficially, I say No Fair at all and a reminder would’ve been helpful especially at zero dark thirty. Officially, I’m staying out of peoples business, as of Saturday, but Good Luck!

  18. Bree, how did he find out your wallet was missing? What difference does it make if you know where you left it? I don’t see where you’ve done anything wrong and you definitely shouldn’t be punished for it. NOT FAIR. Maybe he’s just in a mood.

  19. Sweetie my heart goes out to you not my bottom though. You better start having daytime cloaking likea vampire. Luvs C

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