Immerse Yourself

Immerse yourself

Happy Mother’s Day weekend to everyone! We hope this blog hop is the perfect start to your weekend! We are sharing a relaxing snippet from the upcoming book A Little Wish Upon a Star. Hop on over and visit all the wonderful author’s and don’t forget to register for the prizes. If you enter the rafflecopter below you will have the chance to win your choice of a Breanna Hayse book, including the upcoming release. Good luck!

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A Little Wish Upon A Star

Tabitha stared at the bathing area in wonder.  Everything glistened and glittered as though she were looking through multiple facets of clear quartz. The tub was made of the same substance as the walls and slowly filled with an aromatic liquid that reminded her of apple pie with cinnamon.

“This is divine,” she moaned as the warm, teal colored liquid surround her body and caressed her flesh. “It’s tingly.”

“This is straight from Lotopian springs located four hundred feet below the surface.  They are called The Tears. I’ll take you to see them when you are strong enough. Is it safe to leave you for a moment while I get you some food?”

“Please. Something to drink too.” Tabitha purred, feeling renewed as the fluid swirled around every crevice of her body as though it had life of its own. It massaged and caressed her, yet not one bubble or jet was visible.  How did it do that?

Seth returned with a tray of blue cheese, red crackers and the synthetic wine.  He set it on the edge of the tub and poured her a glass. “I’m not certain these will be palatable for you. I don’t have any human references.”

“That is the second time you have made a comment about humans.  Is that what your country calls those from the outside?” she asked, accepting the goblet from him. “This glass work is amazing, by the way.”

“It is not glass.  It is made from a diamond.”

“That’s impossible. Diamonds don’t get to be this large.” She lifted the cup to the light, blinking at the incredible refracted rainbows.

“Of course they do. Much larger.  This room is made of a white diamond from the platinum mines.”

“Don’t yank my chain. I’m not an idiot. Mmm, this is pretty good. It almost tastes like a Late Harvest Riesling.”

“What is that?”

“My favorite wine. I had a box in my capsule. How did you get me? I was out of orbit and beyond reach of the space station.”

“We were able to intercept you and extract you from your vessel without difficulty. Here, allow me to do that,” Seth said, wetting her hair.

“Oh my!” She jumped as tiny fingers massaged her scalp.

“Do you like that?” he asked as a smile lit across her face.

“It tickles!”

He chuckled and spilled more fluid over her head before adding a drop of creamy compound.  The scent of vanilla touched with cinnamon filled the air.

“Mmm, now it smells like hot apple cinnamon pie with vanilla ice cream,” she purred.

“May I?” he asked politely, producing a piece of spongy cloth. 

Tabitha silently nodded, her head feeling light and unusually happy. “What the hell is the alcohol content in that wine of yours? I’ve had like three sips and am already feeling tipsy.”


“Yeah. The stuff in the wine that makes you feel relaxed.”

“There is nothing like that in the wine at all. It’s the water.”

“You’re shitting me.”

He wrinkled his forehead and then lifted an eyebrow.

“That means I’m surprised. Is all your water like this?” Tabitha blinked with confusion.

“It is.” Seth offered her another glass with water from an ice pitcher that he ordered. “Try this. Just a little sip at first.”

Tabitha sniffed it and glanced at him. He seemed eager, almost excited, as she experienced this unusual environment. The water touched her lips, bathed her mouth and then she swallowed. Her eyes widened as her mouth came alive with a tingling sensation, like she had sucked on a peppermint. The sensation traveled down her throat and sent delightful shivers through her body. It left her feeling alert and rejuvenated. She downed the glass quickly and held it out for more. After two more glasses, she felt strong enough to run a marathon.


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  2. My favorite way to relax is with sweatpants, kindle and a comfy blanket.
    Will be on the lookout for your new book!

  3. Oh I love the snippet. I have two favorite ways to relax. 1 a hot bubble bath and a book, hopefully not getting it wet. 2 getting a massage.

  4. Favorite way to relax is a spanking, then curb up for snuggle time and after read about Daddy’s taking care of their littles!

  5. Hi how are you OMG such a tease when does it come out I can’t wait to read it I have read everyone of your books and some how you make each one even better then the last one
    I love to make it really cold and then snuggle up under a thick soft blanket and read a good book that is my favorite way to relax

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