Immeasurable Time

We have good news and bad news. The bad news: Switched in Time will not come out today as scheduled. Now, the Good/Great/Amazing news: it will come out tomorrow, one measly day late, with an amazing promotion you won’t want to miss!! Hold tight for one more day and I promise you won’t be sorry. Here’s a little snippet to tide you over…


Time was immeasurable as she slept in the small bed, soothed by musical sounds of a woman humming close by and the aroma of fresh bread wafting through the air. As she roused, Nya sensed she was being watched and groggily forced her eyes open. A warm hand ran along the side of her face and gently cradled her cheek in the palm.

“Hello, there.”

She squinted, trying to focus on his gentle brown eyes.  Her brow wrinkled as she attempted to place his face. There was something vaguely familiar that she was unable to grasp. “Do I know you?” she asked hoarsely.

“No, darling.  We’ve never met. Can you sit up? Watch your arm.”

Nya groaned as she tried to adjust her body, assisted by his steady hands. Every part of her screamed in protest, including the scorched, sun burned skin on her face and hands. He fluffed pillow behind her back and proper her injured limb on a pillow.

“Nana? Could you please go make her something to eat?  Also bring some coffee.”

“Coffee sounds good,” Nya agreed, licking her lips.

He smiled. “To me it does.  None for you just yet. You are sticking with water for now, doctor’s orders. My name is Heath. I’m a physician.”

And a handsome physician at that. “Hello, Dr. Heath. Wow, they sure make them pretty this side of the woods. Am I going to live?” she asked hoarsely.

“I’m pretty sure you’ll be just fine,” he said with a smooth southern drawl. “Look up.  That’s a good girl. You’ve been through quite an ordeal, haven’t you?” he asked as he examined her eyes and reflexes.

“Where am I?”

“High River Ranch. It belongs to my brother, Flint.”

“Do you have a cell phone? I need to call my friend and make sure she’s okay.”

“A cell phone?” Heath looked confused.

“Yeah, I guess you don’t have any service out here,” Nya sighed. “I don’t remember seeing any telephone poles either. Ow…”


Coming Tomorrow, June 21st

6 thoughts on “Immeasurable Time

  1. Bree
    You have done it Again. Happy Dance
    Oh my gosh the characters are Awesome. (Squeal) The are most definitely swoon worthy. I so wanted to string up beth myself. Thank you Thank you!! You could always to a sequel, just a thought. Tell Sir John hello for me. Love you bunches

    • Have I told you guys lately exactly how much I love you? You guys aren’t just my readers, you are my family. REAL family and people who I can always depend on to share love in my life. Thank you so so much! Love to all of you! Bree

  2. It’s funny how much I’m looking forward to this. I do not like westerns. At. All. Just as much as I detest sci-fi. But you, my dear Ms. Hayse have made me a fan through your own writings. Mind you, I’m not completely healed. I won’t touch other Westerns or Sci-Fi’s out there, but I’ll read yours. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    • Thank you, darling! Believe it or not, I prefer to write westerns and sci fi than to read them! LOL! But that is why I make them so different than the norm. I hope you enjoy this one- When you get time, please email me and let me know what you don’t like about Westerns- the more I know about what my readers need, the better I can serve you, ok? Luvs! Bree

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