I’m Still Sore #SatSpanks

Saturday Spankings

Happy Saturday! It’s been a busy few weeks as we’ve released Spyder’s Web, Ryann’s Revenge and re-released The Whip Master all this month but there’s still more to come! While you’re waiting on the edge of your seats make sure you check out all your favorite spankings authors in one convenient location: Saturday Spankings Blog.

Ryann’s Revenge

Devastated by the abandonment of her unfaithful husband, Ryann finds herself struggling as a single mother to give her young son everything that she holds dear—the love and support of family. Just when life feels like it’s going to collapse on her, Kayne comes barging into her life to rescue her from herself. Her eldest brother’s best friend suddenly becomes her knight in shining armor (wearing a police badge) who takes a no-nonsense approach to altering some of Ryann’s bad habits. It starts with being bent over his knee for a good solid spanking.

Their friendship evolves into love and Ryann begins to picture spending the rest of her life with this man and blending their two families together. For the first time in nearly nine years, Ryann has hope that she will find true happiness with Kayne by her side. But living in a small town means that everyone knows your business—family, friends and enemies.

Unbeknownst to Kayne, Ryann’s ex-husband comes crashing back into her life and for reasons that were much more dangerous than unrequited love. Determined to prove her ability to take care of herself and ‘handle’ the drama, Ryann keeps the intrusion a secret from Kayne and her family. Unfortunately, secrets are discovered—especially when strangers come banging on the back door with demands to return an object that had been found in the old shed. Fear for the safety of hers and Kayne’s children leads to a confession and Ryann faces the consequences of her dishonesty. She always discovers the depth of Kayne’s unconditional love and ability to pleasure her heart and body.

Just when she thinks the drama is over, Ryann comes face to face with an unexpected enemy who wants what she has—Kayne. Did she learn her lesson this time around or was she bound to face another spanking from Kayne that she would never forget?

Ryann's Revenge

“You don’t understand. I need to be allowed to prove that I can do this.”

“This isn’t about proving anything,” he said, holding up the spatula. “It’s about your tantrum and refusal to allow me to be your partner. Partner’s help one another, remember?”

“But I’m still sore from the last time!”

“I know. That is why I am using this. I am only giving you a couple of swats, but it will reignite your spanking from yesterday. Pull down your pants and then bend over and touch your toes. We don’t have time to take you over my knee.”



2 thoughts on “I’m Still Sore #SatSpanks

  1. Hmm. Sounds urgent. Makes me wonder what’s going on that he can’t take the time to put her over his knee, though I do like the fact he intends to temper her strokes given her sore posterior. Congrats on all your new releases, Breanna.

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