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Hello lovelies,

I was thinking back to when I had several shows I used to watch that I’d count as my favorite. I still do but that’s another post.

I would always imagine the female being spanked. Usually they should have been (in my opinion) lol.

Here’s a little look into my Dom brain. Please do not get lost inside as I can’t be responsible for your mental well being if you do.

And drum roll please…This is no particular order just some of my faves:


Cinnamon from Mission Impossible


Cat Woman from Batman

Margret Houlahan from MASH


Anne Francis from Honey West

Elvira from the Elvira  movies


Nurse Chapel from Star Trek

Tracy from Mission Impossible


Rizzoli & Isles from (both hey its my list I can double up)

Xena from Xena: Warrior Princess


Lucy from I Love Lucy (yes I know she got spanked, I mean a real bb one)


Anyway that’s my list. Next time I’ll list the newer shows…I do love tv!

Be good, or else…



14 thoughts on “I Love TV

  1. yes i do , how nice of you to bring that up lol Yes Margret was tough but, thets usually the kind of women that respond most to a dom , They are always in control, and they do not want to be

  2. Out of all the shows I only watched Xena and I don’t think was getting the spanking. I can however picture giving Gabrielle her side kick a spanking.

  3. I wonder if you don’t just see a female and think to yourself, “She needs to be spanked.” What sort of criteria do you have to decide she needs a bb spanking?

  4. First of SJ, I respectfully suggest Bree may need to put limits on your TV viewing! 🙂
    However since your being ‘retro’…. I have to admit to imagining being taken in hand as well as cared for by 2 Paramedics…. John Gage and Roy Desoto (Emergency)…. Oh My!

  5. Okay, SJ – taking into consideration Xena’s chakram, sword and whip, I suspect someone’s bottom might be in jeopardy – but probably not HERS, lol!
    While you loom large and legendary amongst us mere mortals, Xena was rumoured to possess the blood of the Gods… just sayin’ 😉

    Another great post, btw. Oh, and, uh, apologies for pointing out the obvious. You’d absolutely be able to spank the others, I’m sure. 🙂 Welllll, maybe NOT Rizzoli….. good luck with that one, lol

    • lol right I think it would have been very interesting.And the picture depicting Rizzoli , is really Casey from mission impossible, another fave lol

  6. Dear SJ

    Margaret from Mash one of favorite shows and characters. But in my opinion dhe had to be a ball buster she was head nurse. People dont listen if you dont help them along. And yes i agree about Lucy but who wouldn’t. Leave Xena alone i like her. but of course you know best……respectfully

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