Human Profanity #SatSpanks

Saturday Spankings-triplecrown-02We are sharing a snippet from A Little Wish Upon a Star today. This will be the next book released, hopefully next week. I can’t wait to share the cover with you guys!! Don’t forget to hope on over to all the wonderful blogs featured on Saturday Spankings Blog.

A Little Wish Upon a Star

A mysterious message in a bottle written in purple crayon…

A little wish upon a purple star for a life of love and acceptance…

A love that transcends time and space filled with healing, hope and mystery….

And a bottom that seems to spend an awful lot of time over the lap of a very loving, but also very strict, handsome alien man who wishes to be called ‘daddy’….

After being exposed to the deadly radiation from a fallen meteor that destroyed her entire town, Tabby spent her childhood in an isolated medical unit; without friends and without love- waiting to see if it would take her life as it took that of everyone she has ever known. No longer able to hold her ‘captive’ the government allows her freedom to pursue her lifelong ambition- to launch into outer space as a NASA test pilot.

Unfortunately, she knows she won’t be coming back alive after this mission. The disease has finally caught up to her and her only hope is to be placed in suspended animation until a cure is found.


Mesethius, Crown Prince of Lotopia, is blessed with position, power, intelligence, great looks, very unusual (and popular) anatomical attributes, and a breathtaking kingdom. Seth is obsessed with anything to do with Earth, and when he finds a strange message in a bottle from a little girl pleading to be rescued and loved, he realizes just what he’s been missing in his life.

If there is anybody out there who wants a little girl, please find me and take me home with you. I promise to be good.  Here’s my picture and a piece of my hair to help you know who I am.


These words burn into his soul and, with the help of his father, he begins to search the galaxy and vows never to stop until he can find, hold and care for, his Little Tabby-Cat.


A fluke accident sends Tabby’s ship hurdling out of orbit and into the void of space, giving Seth the opportunity to come to her rescue and take her as his own. She awakens in his protective arms and calmed by his warm voice- leaving her to wonder if she was experiencing space psychoses. But no, he is as real as the amazing planet he takes her to; as real as the way he awakens her body to sensuality and fulfilled desires; and as real as the painful discipline that she requires to learn valuable lessons about obedience and safety. He also gives her what she has longed for- a caring, attentive Daddy who brings out the scared little girl within and gives her the strength to conquer the demons of her past and learn to trust her future.

Can Seth use love, devotion, lust and discipline to break down Tabby’s guard and teach her to trust in the power of love? Will she succumb to the temptation that is life on Lotopia in the arms of a partner who not only sees in her a potential mate, but also a little girl who needs to be cherished, adored and even taken in hand by a loving Daddy?

There are some stories that go beyond words, where hope, love and light abound. Stories that jar every emotion, provoke every thought and incite the reader to look into the skies and seek that one shooting star that would grant them the wish to have the ultimate in Happily Ever Afters…

Best-selling author of the science-fiction fantasy Skylar’s Guardians and Moving A Little Heart, Breanna Hayse brings the action-packed, loving tale of what could happen if we take just a little time to Wish Upon a Star..

This story contains spanking, anal play, loving age-play, submission and other strong erotic elements. If such material offends you, please do not buy this book




“You use a lot of human profanity, don’t you?”

“Yeah, so what? A little cussing never hurt anyone.”

“It must cease. You are in the presence of the royal household and your speech should be dignified and controlled. No more.”

“Or what? Are you going to send me back into orbit?” Tabitha laughed sarcastically, trying to rewrap herself in the Kata.

“No, but you will be disciplined. Climb into bed. It’s time for your nap.”


Coming May 23rd!

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