How’s it Fangin?


Hey lovelies,

How are all of you?  This is a different kind of post that poses an interesting question.

Biting: Pro or Con?

No, I am not referring to a Dom doing a Dracula on you. I am referring to you doing the biting.

You see Bree comes from a lineage of biters, lol. Well, her grandmother was from Romania, so to paraphrase The Count…she’s one of the children of the night. What lovely ows she makes! In fact her fangs…err…teeth had to be ground down for braces when she was a kid.

She loves to bite. I don’t let her True Blood me but she goes nuts on the Border collies sometimes and they love it. So my question is this:

Is it a generic thing or a subbie thing? Or maybe both?  Do you like biting your Doms or husbands, boyfriends, dogs, cats, etc.?

Be you a day sleeper or a night dweller – the usual still applies,

Be good, or else…


4 thoughts on “How’s it Fangin?

  1. I love biting! I’m not in the lifestyle, but I am a girl who loves to bite, nibble and nip my way across my hubby. I actually woke him up today for work with a nip on the tush. I’ve been told to back off a time or two, but I can’t seem to help it!

  2. I was the youngest of 4 kids and was allowed to bite as a way to defend myself when we were younger. I pretty much outgrew the need to bite as I got older.

  3. As a kid I got in a lot of trouble for biting. So learned to curb that pretty fast. However I would sometimes bite our dogs ear/neck as a show of dominance when needed. Not sure if I would bite my Dom though. Guess it depends on the guy and if I felt the desire to (or wanted a spanking, lol).

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