Hot Damn!






malbecor this?



Just wanted to say……I am not a big fat loser after all! I passed. I am officially an RN! Thanks everyone for your support yesterday during my melt down. 🙂

Now tell me if you think that this is unfair. With these tests it can range from 75-265 questions that you have to answer and will shut off when it detects you have achieved a certain percentage-or above this magical line that indicates you passed. ANyway, my test stopped at 75. SO Daddy seems to think as a reward, he is gonna give me 75 smacks on each cheek! How is that remotely a prize? I say, lets take a vote. Who thinks that he should be allowed to give me 150 spanks and who thinks he should buy me a bottle of wine? We will let the readers decide. Right Daddy?


love ya!


11 thoughts on “Hot Damn!

  1. Love you Nikki, so proud of you. I knew you could do it.

    p.s. I think Daddy should find a sexy Dom friend to give you a fun spanking… as a reward.

  2. I thought spankings were supposed to help you improve yourself or be fun. Since Nikki already did exceptionally well by passing her state boards how would a spanking be called for? I’m not following the logic. It would make me want to go do something naughty just to make sure I earned my next spanking. Nikki needs praise and pleasure.
    Just saying

  3. Congrats! I vote for the bottle of wine and for a bonus how about 75 get out of spanking passes to use at your discretion? ( I don’t think he will really go for that but I had to try 🙂 )

  4. Congratulations! How exciting for you. Since I haven’t ever been spanked but want to be, I vote for the spanking. (Sorry) I would take 1/2 of it myself for you if I could. I ‘m too chicken to want the whole thing. Cluck! Cluck! Cluck!

  5. Congratulations Nikki Hayse, RN – I knew you could do it!!!! I’ll vote on the wine, but I really don’t have any hope that what we say on here will do any good. Will it? 🙁

      • Haha thats true its not my butt. Although I’d have to go with the always pick a spanking, unless its a punishment one and going to be truly awful. My fingers are crossed for you and your butt that the votes count though.

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