Ever have one of those days? You know the type…Start of promising but very quickly you realize it is going down the toilet? Yea well, yesterday was that sort of day. Started off like any other day but I soon realized it was not gonna be a great day. Oh, it got better as the day progressed and for about,hmm, 15 minutes it was actually pretty good then Bam! Right back to circling the drain. That was my day yesterday. Today? Well it appears today just may top yesterday in the shitty day department. We’ll see but so far, doesn’t look very promising. Sorry about the lack of details but I am just not up to it right now. Maybe later. For now I just needed to unload a little bit, study for a while, then go take my state boards. Then home again to brave the shit storm that may or may not be in the forecast. For today, be glad you are not me.


Love Nikki

9 thoughts on “Hmph!

  1. Morning over at my place in the world. I hope this day will be everything yesterday wasn’t and in a good way! Chearing you on. And a blank book – what’s not to like about that =). Lol

  2. Nursing boards really are a ***** ( fill in the blank). They are so stressful for months before and it only gets worse as the day grows nearer. If you are half a passionate about nursing as you seem to be about life you will make a splendid nurse. Hope you pass and welcome to the club! Starting with a clean slate is a good thing.

  3. Thanks all for your support. I don’t know how I did on boards. But Daddy pretty much talked me off the ledge-and he erased my entire book! Bree talked him into it but still. That made me feel better. As Annie always said, The Sun Will Come Out, Tomorrow….lol Yea, is that song stuck in your head now?

    Love Nikki

  4. You know how much we love you, baby…. Just tell us what we can do to help make you smile. We are sooooo proud of you! And nothing will ever change that, not even stupid state nursing boards which suck the big one… And NOT in a good way.

  5. 🙁 My heart goes out to you. I don’t know what state board test you are taking but I remember the days before taking my nursing boards as being some of the most stressful and nervous days of my life. NOTHING was right. Afterwards though, it all fell back in place and 22 years later I have a very rewarding career. You appear to have a wonderful support system so don’t fret Bree and Sir John will surly be there for you. I’ll send some good wishes/prays your way today. Best of luck!

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