Flashback Sale: His Little Courtesan


This week only His Little Courtesan is on sale for $2.99 over at Amazon and Blushing Books. If you haven’t followed Jane on her journey to India don’t miss out on this sale!

Jane’s unique tale of love, pain, lust, discipline and trust continues in ‘His Little Courtesan’, part two of the ‘Adventures of Lady Jane’ series by best-selling author Breanna Hayse.

The vibrant colours, exotic lifestyle and tantalizing sexuality of India have combined to make the Marquis Philip de Courtier and his Lady Jane decide to stay there; with the Raja and his wives, until their own cottage has been completed.

This gives Philip the perfect opportunity to expand his exporting business, while his Little Lady Jane continues to learn the ways of the Kama Sutra-being educated by Usha, the first and strictest of the Raj’s rampantly sexual wives, and then going on to practice all she’s learned on her handsome fiance.

Jane blossoms in her discovery of sexual and sensual freedom, but she still struggles to curb her recalcitrant streak-one which frequently lands her in hot water with Philip, Usha and even the Raja, who does not hesitate to show her how strictly (and unusually) he deals with disobedience with his own ladies.

Follow Jane as her relationship with Philip continues to grow in this, a tale of exotic beauty, Victorian ageplay, scorching, explicit lovemaking and, of course, creative and rigorous discipline.

His Little Courtesan contains ageplay, spanking, explicit sexual descriptions and more. If any of this material offends you, please do not read this book.



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