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It’s been forever since I posted- so many things have been happening that blogging wasn’t the top of priorities. I’m about to tell you why and am so sorry to share this news.

Brittany and John (soon to be ex-husband) are wanted for embezzlement, identity theft, and animal cruelty. While I was in Illinois for Service Dog training (I’m a 100 percent disabled vet), she broke into my bank account with John’s help and stole all my personal/banking/medical information and cleared it out, cleaned out my house of anything she could haul (down to towels and my tool set), trashed it, took my car/house/PO Box keys to strand me, and left the dogs to die. The poor animals actually gnawed opened some cans of dog food they found in my room- and this was after Britt stole 5 cases of food and bags, and closed the pantry door so they couldn’t even get to the biscuits. No water, toilet bowls dry- The dogs they left- one blind by dehydration, fell down the stairs- and the other one starved.  The birds were without food or water, locked in cages filled with mold, and the house was loaded with maggots, flies, and feces. The police are estimating about ten days of abandonment, and weeks (probably when I left) of neglect.

These girls were retired service dogs and gave their lives and love to everyone. How could anyone be so cruel? More so, how could John have encouraged it? I didn’t want to post the more graphic pictures- but its so much worse than you can imagine.

I arrived home a week early (Friday) after receiving a nasty text from John filled with the most absurd accusations (all formed by Brittany). My house was vandalized and I discovered that Brittany’s been pocketing all the excess money since MAY. I should’ve known she was psychotic after she attacked all my author friends on FB years ago, and that she was using my identity to speak in my behalf- but this? And John? She made him dependent on her, lied to him and he went along with it. I’m beyond stunned.

Who does these things and why? I gave Brittany a home after she was abused by her ex. I gave her a car, clothes, food- everything. She was a daughter to me- this is how kindness is repaid. As for John- he’s old, frail and senile, and I believe she’s abusing him too, but he made the choice to go along with her. This isn’t the man I knew and loved.

The cops are useless… thank God for the humane society and mail fraud- they are pursing these criminals for animal cruelty and identity theft.

I am still as stunned as so many of you probably are. I never saw this coming- although (as wife #5), I should have seen that John, as a ‘failed’ musician, was using me for his upkeep until he could find someone else. I loved him with all my heart, trusted him with my life, gave him all of me– and to discover this betrayal is beyond my ability to comprehend.

For the second time since the liable and lies of 2016, I questioned where the humane was in humanity. I found it, this time, through my community here in Oregon and on FB, The Central Coast Humane Society, and a single deputy in Animal Control who is pursuing this case to the maximum.

I know times are tight, but if there’s any way you can help, I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

Personal Emergency Fund

Anyone who is in contact with John- PLEASE be careful. He’s controlled by Brittany now- and NOTHING she says is truth (I have hundreds of text messages and photographs to prove everything that comes out of her mouth is a lie). They will be asking for money and he (after she dumps him because he no longer can get into my disability account), will be looking for wife #6.

Thank all of you and please pray for the animals and me.

Much Love,


5 thoughts on “HEARTBREAK and BETRAYAL

    • Yes- but All turned out good for me in the end- he had been lying to all of us for so long and using every person he could- and none of us were for the wiser 🙁 I’m so happy to be rid of both of them and their drama and lies, and my life is soooo good now! Brittany was like a daughter to me- only to discover the user was mentally unstable and violently psychotic, a compulsive liar, thief, and a junkie. Life WILL come back to haunt her- guaranteed! It’s no wonder her entire family loathes her, right? I’m just grateful that she fled the scene of her crime and took the fraud with her- and that I didn’t get stuck taking care of both of them as their bodies started to rot, lol.

  1. I am So Sorry this happened to you Bree, I wish I could send you money but I live pay check to paycheck.Please keep writing your wonderful stories.I will buy your books always.

  2. I’m in shock, Bree, and I’m so sorry that this happened to you. I wish I could afford to send you money but I’m a retired grandma with debt myself. I love all your books and you!
    Stay strong and feel better soon!

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