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Hey y’all! I thought it would be fun to update everyone of some cool things happening in our part of the world.

First, Nik has moved out permanently and started her own life! She is now back east with another Dom and his wife,who have a nest-full of subs to attend her parties with. We wish her and her new family the best of luck, and pray for her continued happiness and safety in her new ventures. The chick has finally flown the coop we can run around the house naked again. Let’s hear it for running around neked! YAY!

Second, Sir John has been given the opportunity to start mentoring new Doms! Yep, husbands are starting to step forward and explore the lifestyle with their wives and SJ is doing the incredible job (as always) of guiding and directing. His book is also coming along (slow and steady). Since most of you have seen that he is not too fond of capitalization and punctuation, we are all fighting over who gets the pleasure and joy of editing his work. Any volunteers?

Third, The AMP program is so much fun and the ladies involved are brilliant authors to be. We are really excited to see where this is going to go! I am enjoying the creative ways they try to get out of homework.

Fourth—our new subbies! We are blessed to be part of these wonderful women’s lives and welcome them with open arms (and hard paddles). Each of them is a treasure and are so adorable with lots of new ways to weasel (even some that I haven’t heard of). We are encouraging them to share their experiences with all of you.

Luvs to all!

P.S.  If you have any questions or need help and can’t get hold of me, please contact my Editor and Chief (and main nagger of blog things) to Lily (DaddysLittleLobster@gmail.com).  She will know exactly how to hunt me down and kick my butt, lol!


5 thoughts on “Hayse Happenings

  1. Good luck Nik on your new life and enjoy your empty nest Bree. Have fun with the new ones. Since it took me two tries to get through first year college English I don’t think you want my help editing lol. Now if my co-workers understood that so they would quit asking me to write research technical reports.

  2. Who would be so ridiculous and immature as to try to wriggle out of these fabulous (and in no way unreasonable) homework assignments?! 😉 I will always endeavor to find a more ‘efficient’ and ‘anxiety reducing’ way of doing things. LOL!
    If I could just succeed in luring sir john into helping me in my efforts to thwart Bree in her slave-driving, super demanding tendencies… Until then, I have some homework to catch up on (or perhaps some brainstorming for new ways to weasel?) 🙂

    Adore you, Bree!!!!!

  3. My overall feelings on this post are 50% jealousy, 50% flymeovertoyourhouseIcanbeSirJohn’ssubandMissBreanna’ssweetgirlpleaseIlovetocuddle. Thanks for posting something, I check this blog at least 3 times a day so it’s nice to see a new post. <3

  4. Congratulations everyone! I and the East Coast welcome Nikki. Quite a bit different than CA 🙂 I’ve never regretted my move 19 years ago.

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