Grey Skies Will Not Clear Up, I Don’t Have a Happy Face

Hey lovelies,

I bet you will want to start a Sir John day after you hear this. I am in NV doing a gig and I get an email from Bree with the heading OMG. Now this could be really good or really bad. I decided I should open it as, it might be important, maybe about Bree’s health or maybe the borders. I would never have expected what it was about though, not in a million guesses.

Here’s the gist… “Just watched 50 Shades, it’s really good, you have to watch it.” OMG seemed very appropriate.

Now I get home after a week, I’m trashed and Bree says “Guess what we’re watching tonight?” I have to admit, my brain went to the usual, Disney. I mean, I have been frozen, tangled, brave and gone through the jungle book, but no. Then it hit me like a tsunami. “Oh come on Bree,” I remarked. She got that look like someone stole her Cadbury chocolates. Then I sealed my fate…You see we have a deal. If I don’t want to do something I ask her “Is this really important to you?” If the answer is yes then I’m in, God help me.

So, we sat down to watch 50 Shades of Hell. Let me give the devil his due, it was not as bad as I thought it would be. Don’t misunderstand, it was horrible, just not Keanu in Dracula horrible. The story is ludicrous so why bother? The guy is a laughable Dom but he’s very good at play. Delivering a punishment? I doubt any of you would feel that was the case. There’s no chemistry between him and the subbie (who is just annoying). No emotional investment equals I don’t care.

I watched it and unlike someone we all know, that cannot jump, I did not yell at the tv how stupid this was. When it was over I really needed a Big Bang Theory break. I held my remote like it was the grail that would restore my sanity, when a small voice said, “Oh we have to watch part two!”

What!!!!! They actually made another? Why me? I’m a good Dom why, why??

Yes, I watched the second movie and yes it was just as bad as the first, maybe worse. See why I said you would want to celebrate SJ day? I mean, how awesome was I to endure this? Come on, let’s hear it for me.

Oh I had to break the news to Bree that, unlike Mr. Grey a discipline spanking is not 5 semi-hard smacks.

Be good, or else…


65 thoughts on “Grey Skies Will Not Clear Up, I Don’t Have a Happy Face

  1. I really enjoy watching the movies, I am sure they are a lot tamer than in real life but they are made as date night movies or movies for a group of women to enjoy. I know my friends found the movies more funny than anything. I have watched other movies with a darker take on relationships such as The Story of O and Nymphomonic part 2 which has a prolonged whipping scene and shows submission as more of a transaction and shows the Submissive women having an effect on her marriage by her actions outside of the marriage. I think fifty shades both movies and books are fairly safe and fun and reading E L James lead me to other authors including Bree who opened up this interesting world for me. Although not currently in a relationship all the books i have read give me ideas about what relationships can be like and I love reading your blogs,

  2. Ok SJ, don’t get ahead or so full of yourself just yet…. I have a feeling the watching ‘dreadful’ movies tally is still heavy on Bree’s side… LOL. However take it for what it was labeled, ‘Mommy Porn’. It is total fake and fantasy, but it did get a lot of women back to reading (like me, which eventually led me to my favorite author Breanna Hayse), and shall we say it got some inspired to spice things up. Just be thankful the movies did not contain all the ridiculous mental dialog with her inner goddess doing back flips (OMG that drove me crazy). And Bree is also correct in wishing Chris Hemsworth played Christian.

    • Ha! Burn!!! OMG, you are so right about the inner goddess. I actually think the screenwriter did a decent job on interpreting the story.

    • if any of you ever wondered if I love you all, trust me, typing on a kindle is worse than 80s synthesizer music, arggggg. Kindle trashed my comment, after I hit post so, here it is again.I get you all love thor, I was talking acting ability not a juiced up bod. Bree thanks your comments are a burn, not at all.You see Doo , I believe all of you are entitled to your opinions , Thats why I love the posts.Im glad the 50 shades experience, led you to a real author

        • Hmmmm, I think you should definitely give it, cause you will still come out a victor (unless its that he wants you to watch one of his movies). Maybe he can demonstrate his ‘acting ability’ as Christian! But you also have to give him some credit… his typing on the Kindle is still much better than yours on your phone! LOL

          • Hey! Whose side are you on? Would you believe that, even with all the taunting here, he didn’t take the bait? I think he’s getting old. You know, he gets that warm fuzzy feeling but can’t remember why. Just sayin…

        • let the record show I offered a session this eve, and was ignored …all day….as my munchkin would say….just sayin lol

          • Ha, sending it after the fact doesn’t count, Mr. Meanie!!! When would I say no? I think we should change place, though. Maybe I can tie you up for once? Who’s with me????

          • So, he is standing here threatening me that if I dont retract my answer, he’s going to spank me.
            Hmmm… hard decision
            APPARENTLY, he sent the question about sessioning tonight although I did not receive it AND he assumed that I refused because I didn’t answer. So, who’s the one jumping to conclusions??? Huh??? Huh???? Huh?????
            Now he’s making me apologize for jumping to conclusions that he didn’t send the email. Sorry, dear!

          • I just found out that Bree didnt get the message, so I wasnt ignored and now I owe her a special evening.

          • Ok SIR GRUMPYBUTT (respectfully)… I do feel the need to stick up for the munchkin here…. Since she has been SO busy all day, cleaning house and re-designing her cover, and you have been hovering more than a helicopter pilot… it does seem that you were the unfortunate one to jump to a conclusion 🙁 And since I just saw these responses… after a heads up comment regarding a wanted apology on FB… I stick to my previous statement… If your going to start jumping, do jumping jacks! And Bree should get the opportunity to tie you up! “Just sayin”.

          • Hmmm. Nah I’m staying out of this one sorry Bree. I do have alot to say BUT we tend to egg each other on but I will say uh no I won’t maybe next time. Hope it goes well for you Bree! 🙂

          • Oh My!!!!!!! Ok here I go. I think he should believe you and let it go. You don’t need a spanking. Sir you said that discipline is not necessary with Bree. Right? You did say that Sir.

          • oy, this is not about a refusal , its about saying I NEVER. sent it..Im coming upstairs now. for a discussion

          • As he hovers over me…. I’m sorry I didn’t get the email and that your assumed that I refused. Better?
            I guess not– we are having a ‘discussion’ while I’m still on line. Sigh

          • Ow, okay I’m sorry I jumped to conclusions about you sending the email. He’s killing me!!!! This is under duress!!!!
            My Dom is the most wonderful in the universe and he’s the best spanker ever, and I think I have a new book title- A hundred shades of red..

          • Sir I understand but below you wrote she needs no discipline that she only whines like a subbie. Lol poor Bree.

          • well well , Seems we have a subbie feeling her oats after drinking a large glass of attitude juice., and for the record, I was the one cleaning house.So. Doo, I wonder if you would say something like this in person?………..thats what I thought. lol

          • Pft
            Ignore him! Yes, he was cleaning (gasp) but he didn’t get to play, so he’s grumpy. He is also a big old softie, so don’t let him scare you. (Notice that I am writing this at 230 am when he is sleeping and will have left for work before he reads it!)

    • I really hate this kindle.For some reason there is no way to reply concerning the….discussion I had with Bree. arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrg

      • That’s ok SMB…. just go and find your grey tie and hand it to her! That would be a nice ‘reply’ to the missed email with no more need for ‘discussion’.

      • Sorry SGB (Sir GrumpButt), but I did note my message as and in my defense I was only sticking up for my super busy favorite author that you were apparently helicopter piloting due to jumping to a conclusion that was in error. I will use more caution in the future when responding/replying to a little instigator.

        • Hey! Who are you calling an instigator? HE started!!!!
          Thanks for saying I’m your favorite author 🙂 Luvs!!! BTW- can you tell I’m using my computer to answer? No typos or need to interpret my typing.

          • Ummmm, who was it replying “yeah, you tell him!”??? And Marsha may be chicken but she was instigating too! And thank God… at least 1/2 your posts will be legible… the other 1/2 we will just blame on baby fingers! LOL.

          • Bree replied to both of us on separate posts “yeah you tell him”. Yes chicken but I still stepped up anyway to support Bree. Lol Sir GrumpyButt will just have to accept that us subbies stick together no matter what and that we are ALWAYS right. instigating? Nah I’m a good girl!!!

          • Ok… I don’t know why this happens but if I bracket / arrow a word it disappears… so again, please insert edit: “but I did note my message as RESPECTFULLY and in my defense”….just trying to ‘cover my butt in my messaging! lol.

  3. well I said I would watch it with you love.I mean come on, there was enough whining on the screen, I was not going to fall asleep and elicit more, And you wanted the pizza, just for the record.I will agree the spreader was rockin , as was the play room. I think the original choice for Grey boy would have been much better, the guy from sons of anarchy, he ended up dropping out, I wonder why ? lol

    • I would not have been, uh, excited about that guy at all. It wasn’t for a man to get off on either- like Dawn said, Mommy Porn AND it did raise awareness and open the door for my to publicly embarass you when I pimp myself.

      • Sorry SJ, Bree is dead on for the better choice for “Grey boy”… but that’s what is so great about the female imagination…. we can replace the face in our minds eye! And Bree… something tells me that your SJ does not embarrass easily, which is probably a good thing or you would never be able to sit to write your amazing books! 🙂

  4. I’m not wanting to comment on the movie so much but GOOD JOB SIR JOHN for enduring the movie for your Bree. But will comment on how your and Bree’s relationship is so truly unique to me. There is the love and respect on both sides and that is very rare these days. I enjoy hearing the day to day life.

  5. LOL I am with Bree. I loved it but it is all erotic fantasy, not real life so taken in a very female erotic fantasy point of view the books were great.

    • That’s what I told him. My issue with the books is how poorly they were written and that they lacked research. The storyline was fine, but the editing… shudder.

  6. Roflmao…. Thank you for posting this Sir. The books and movies are like watching a train wreck and being unable to turn away.

  7. Hmmm, yet he managed to stay awake the entire time. And lets face it, the playroom was incredible. And that spreader bar scene? Yum. Now, you would think that a GOOD Dom would catch the hint that his subbie was wanting some play, right? Not call out for a pizza…. just sayin. Oh, I really would have loved to see Chris Hemsworth play Christopher. Any votes on that?

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