Good to be a Dom


Hello lovelies,

So today I am talking to you about one of my favorite things in the world…You can guess this. You know me well enough by now…Ok fine I’ll tell you…Spanking of course, and the sight of a nice cherry red bb.

Now being a Dom I have the opportunity to indulge my, shall we say…needs or wants lol, often. Since I am married to a woman with a remarkably spankable bottom, it’s all good (for me).

You see, Bree is my sub so that means when I am in the mood to turn her bb cherry red she has no say in the matter. Now before I hear the “it’s not fair” chant ringing around the subbie universe let me clarify. When you accept a Dom, you give up your bottom 24/7, either for deserved punishment or for your Dom’s enjoyment. Hence my day yesterday.

I informed Bree she would be taking a break from writing at different times. She asked why but instead of telling her I thought I should show her. Bree is a squirmier, big time, and that’s ok as she tends to move a lot but in about 15 seconds she has no energy left and is easy to hold down, lol. I hand spanked her to a cherry red. She whined a bit and was owing a lot but like I said, good to be the Dom.

Sometimes she wants it, sometimes not but whenever I feel like spanking Bree’s bottom it’s always available. I spanked and paddled her 4 times yesterday and she really did not enjoy it but I did. Which is why?…say it with me now…It’s good to be the Dom.

Thank you, it certainly is! So remember when you commit to a D/s relationship your bb belongs to your Dom. He can spank, paddle or even cane it whenever he wants and when someone is as spankable as Bree that means a lot.

Hmmm I think I need to take a break, lol.

Be good, or else…


19 thoughts on “Good to be a Dom

  1. Sounds like you had a fun day and enjoyed it very much also that rubber paddle thingy looks like it very painful.

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