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Ok a light hearted post for you lovelies. This is an explanation of some added spanking rules we’re playing around with. Playing board games here at the Hayse compound always has to have a twist, lol.  

Monopoly: The usual way except every time you land on a space you have to pay rent you also pay with a paddling. Sometimes the other sub will do it but most times I do. Win-Win!

Jenga:  Who ever loses gets an implement of the other sub’s choosing. Sometimes I put numbers in a hat and have the loser draw for strokes. Win-Win!

Black Jack: The loser gets an implement for number she loses by. If the dealer hits 21 she gets what she has showing and again, Win-Win! 

Wii Frisbee Golf: A paddling for every stroke over par. Win-Win!

It really makes an otherwise boring game really fun. Have any of you played these games or have some of your own? Or added your own spanking rules to other games?

Oh by the way Doms are always in a win-win scenario. Do not cheat like a famous author we all know, that can cost you a lot more than game strokes.

And remember Dom= win-win, lol,

Be good, or else…



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