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Hello lovelies, did you miss me? Yes, I missed you too. So what in the heck is this blog post about right?  Well let me explain by two different scenarios, and I really want your feedback. So here we go..

Scenario one:  You  have a date and you are getting ready to leave with your man,  but you decide to brat …Oh I know none of you would ever think of such a thing, but just play along. Ok so you start to brat you are warned to behave. You brat more, and are informed you will be spanked, so you laugh and run…Your date catches you, drags you to the couch. As you are fighting, he pulls up the dress and pulls the panties down, and then…spank city. Pretty hot right?  Well hold on.

Scenario two: Same thing but when your date tells you that you are going to be spanked, you start to laugh. But then you get the look…For those of you who know this look, you understand. For those of you who do not, thats too bad. Ask Bree or Nikki, they can explain it to you. Instead of running or laughing, you are transfixed. It’s not that you don’t want to run, but you really cannot look away. Then the Dom says, come. here. now. Well, you know whats going to happen, but you cannot disobey. You walk to where he is seated. He says dress up now. You obey. Then he says, over my lap. Again you obey and you raise your hips submissively as the panties come down.

Now that’s hot …So what did I just teach you? Scenario one is kind of hot but it is physical force. Unless you are a body builder, it is safe to assume your man can over power you. But so what? A vanilla guy can do that. Big deal, right? But scenario two is Dom force. A Dom, a real Dom, never has to physically force you into a position for discipline. The voice, the look, and the vibe, will be irresistible to you even if you know the punishment will be very painful.

So lets hear from you. Force or Dom force? I practice the latter. However, you may have a different take.

Be good or else. FAREWELL FOR NOW,  and lets hear from all of you.


46 thoughts on “Force vs. Dom Force

  1. Gigi that’s not a bad word…it’s a place…kinda like Michigan. Only, if I said “Ahhh Michigan”!…it wouldn’t sound as good 😉

    • Piper, I obviously need a list. Since I said damn on here, I’ve caught myself saying f*#k at least 3 times. I thought I didn’t swear much, but I must have been mistaken. I’m going to practice making hell, butt & ass sound more creative.

  2. A little late to this but I also vote for DF. On a side note, anyone else picture SJ with a superman type costume with a big DF on the front and a cape? 🙂 No?…Just me?

  3. I like Nikki’s suggestions #1 and #4 . I would also like to add the following suggestion. How can a Dom guide his sub in better accepting her punishment with out causing her more confusion or stress…

  4. Yea but Lisa, its still nice to see it in black and white 🙂

    And everyone, please feel free to offer your own suggestions too.

  5. First my comment about your blog Daddy. The second scenario is the one that seems most common around here.

    and as for suggestions for a new post:
    1. Proper subbie etiquette in public when with Dom
    2. whats the meaning of a collar on a sub?
    3. Where can subs go to find a Dom?
    4. What sorts of things will make them more attractive to doms
    5. How much you love Nikki

  6. ok lovelies lets hear what you would like me to talk about in my next post. Majority will win so send in those suggestions anything goes …surprise me !! SJ

  7. I did see the first one as more playful. Yeah, he was overpowering her, but I don’t think he was serious about it. Second one would have me quaking for overstepping a boundary when I thought we were playing. Yikes. Although, if I knew my Dom well, I would realize “bratting” was unacceptable behavior and automatic OTK time, so I shouldn’t be surprised. As for heat, “the look” will get me going every time.

  8. Idk, I might have to go with C) all the above. I like the Dom force but sometimes its not always easy going, at least for me, and the physical force is nice too.

    The LOD is effective though and quite possibly one of my favorite things, especially since that’s all it’ll take to get the butterflies.

    • I like how you think Lily. If I were in a hoh relationship, I would like both I think. Sorry SJ, a tie doesn’t help much in a poll 🙂

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