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OK lovelies, this is not really a post, but a question.Yes I know the last one was also a question. But this is different. Sorta… Anyway, I would like to know what you are all interested in reading about for my next post. If I get a lot of the same thing, I will write about that. If not, I will just pull a name from my Dom hat. You all deserve a little treat, so here it is. Talk to me. Here is your chance to have me address the topic you are most interested in. Whatever you want. Put on your subbie thinking caps and write me.

Be good or else.


18 thoughts on “For You All…

      • I only said I was curious! Sir John is intimidating, I wouldn’t dare being his or anyone else’s sub without knowing what I would be up for… :$

        Thanks for the warning though, haha! 😉

  1. I am actually answering the previous post. When I was about 13 (1957) I bought romance magazines and one of them (your romance) had a story about a husband giving his wife a bare bottom spanking in public. It also featured an ongoing column called pats and peeves and were stories about parental spanking, girlfriend, husband and wife. They were amazingly vivid and arousing. As I read then I sat on a pillow between my legs and starting rocking. I felt something pleasurable between my legs and kept this up for several weeks. One day I was rocking when this amazing feeling of pleasure started. I wasn’t sure what was happening and thought I was peeing. I tried it again and had my first orgsm. I was hooked. My pillow was my rope. I am now 70 and somewhat past it as my husband is 89. I would love to be your subbie but will have to settle for a lifetime supply of batteries. (My new rope) Say hi to Bree for me and big hugs to you both.

    • Laurel , first off you are never too old to be spanked …I thank you for your candid post I assume many yrs of o t k followed your discovery/

  2. Sir John, how do you work with a sub’s fears? E.g. I fear raised hands (not so convenient for spanking…), I’m claustrophobic (so don’t even think about restraining me!), I fear rejection (ugh corner time), I feel uncomfortable about my body (e.g. “You have no arse” is what I hear a lot, so I wonder if I even have something to offer to a Dom…), I fear I cannot please people (I will be heartbroken if I disappoint someone, especially a Dom)… And so many more fears that would probably make me a terrible sub… How do you work with or around fears? Now don’t say you’ll address those fears, I hate having to conquer a fear… I guess that’s another fear on my fear list.

    • All doms have to deal with subbies anxieties and or fears. With trust in your dom comes your calmness, knowing you will not be judged, or put down, is the first step toward easing those fears.After that, I would take each separate and work with you until we would be ready for the next . You may hate to work on your fears but, I never said being a sub was easy Laura lol

  3. I say a post without an assignment attached lol. I think it would be interesting to get your take on…
    -Communicating: how to communicate your wants and needs effectively (both sides)
    -Aftercare: What exactly is it? What does it entail? Why is it useful/important?

  4. I wanted to answer on your last post, but I had to ask for my first spanking and it didn’t make a very good story. I did find out that it isn’t getting spanked that i want. I want a man who can take control and make me want to obey him. Is there a different level of “domness”? Do you have like baby doms, regular doms and big, bad ass doms?
    I’ve talked on the phone to a couple of guys who called themselves doms. One just wants to have phone sex. the other one just wanted someone to talk to. His lover recently died and he was lonely and sad. One guy writes to me a lot and I can’t get him to stop even though I don’t respond. Maybe I’m sending out bad vibes to attract the wrong kin of guy. Have you heard of something like that?
    I don’t have any idea what you should write about, but I’m sure i’ll enjoy your post.

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